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Mathzone4kids is a content-rich platform, where the audience will find extended amount of math activities aimed at helping kids learn, practice, and acquire tremendous math skills.

Step-by-Step Learning Path

Easy Addition Math Games

Learn addition games for grade as well as addition games for grade 2. Practice double digits addition with these amazing balloon pop math games.

Multiplication Game Interactive

Find free online multiplication games here. Multiplication game for kids can be hard to grasp. Get a hang of it with these great multiplication soccer games.

Examples For Equivalent Fractions

Learn how to find fractions equivalent in this game, in case you are wondering how equivalent fractions. Practice all about fraction with this traffic math game.

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Our learning library

This section introduces young children in Pre-school or nursery school to basic math concepts such as counting up to three, pictorial counting, recognizing shapes in a picture, recognizing object’s colour and position

In this grade, kids will review some skills learned earlier, but in a more elaborated math activities. This section will introduce activities such as measurement, reading data on a graph year one kids will face mixed operations math activities such as addition.

In this grade, students in year two will be reviewing math skills by exploring our second grade math quizzes, coupled with free printable worksheets for grade two, worksheets are presented in PDF format and all questions are followed by an answer key page. 

This is where the learner’s experience will be taken up to the next level. Most skills acquired at the previous levels will strengthened. Year three students will face Division math problems both in the form of math quizzes and Division worksheets for year three.

Relevant online games are presented in this year four math section, where children will encounter many math activities on Algebra one and Algebra two, geometry will be taken to the next level by introducing shapes angle calculation, numbers rounding up to the nearest hundred or thousand

Math skills at this level integrates most of the skills acquired in the previous grades, with more emphasis placed on geometric activities such as perimeter, surface, radius and angle calculation. Free printable worksheets for year five students will also be found as well as relevant free

This is a more advanced level, where math activities become a bit more complicated. However, this grade features activities on geometry, Algebra, measurements and measurement units, year six children will face more challenging math problems. Math quizzes on  finding the greatest common factor

Pre-Kindergarten is the starting point of the every child study journey, at this age, children will  tend to need more colourful surrounding in order to capture their attention. the reason this section of the website will embody a lot of colourful activities such as pre-kindergarten worksheets with pre-k math activities 

Mathzone4kids is a playground

Best Educational Website For Kids

Mathzone4kids is a free educational website that offers the best math resources a child needs to enhance his/her math skills. Our resources range from all sorts of mathematical conceptions, whether be  addition, multiplication, fractions, decimals, angles, and even Pythagoras law.


To improve arithmetic ideas and abilities, mathzone4kids provides engaging online games and exercises with PDF quizzes and worksheets. Additionally, the free online math games are divided into grade levels. The material is excellent for instructors and parents who want children to play to learn.


Free Math Games For Kids

We make sure we design the best math resources that are super accessible and pleasurable. Since children nowadays are greatly captivated by the love for gadgets, they don’t apprehend how much they are wasting their time being less intent on studies but frittering time in front of useless screens. We understand concerned parents’ worry and to fix this, these free mathematical activities for kids are the best.


These exercises include our arithmetic quizzes where students may test themselves and determine how well they are doing with each concept, games to play for learning along with entertainment and worksheets for practice. Children find colorful sheets quite eye-catching so we kept that in mind while producing these helpful assignments. And to better complement, we have added fun objects like flowers, balls and candles in different hues to make work much more attractive.


There are several topic categories, age groups, and ability levels to pick from, making free math learning games a veritable gold mine of educational potential. Our games are created by specialists who are aware that children learn more effectively while they are having fun. Games are organized by grade level and subject, and they cover a variety of games, including multiplication games, addition games, subtraction games, pattern identification, and more. There is guaranteed to be something for youngsters of all learning levels and styles with such a wide selection.


Free Printable Worksheets and Quizzes For Kids

Regarding the worksheets, they are absolutely fun with amusing illustrations and fun activities like shading, counting and tracing to improve math skills. And the best news a parent, teacher or tutor would want to hear is that they are available in PDF form too so they can be freely downloaded and printed to test the child or as reinforcement material. We focus on the math operations that are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division immensely as these are always included in all questions and topics so you may find exercises regarding these in every grade games, quizzes and worksheets.


We increase the level of the math skills following the grade; this means your child won’t come across any assignment with a topic that is unknown so we specially make them in agreement with the learning of each grade. And just to make things clearer, for many of the exercises, we provide a guideline underneath that may be approached if any problems are encountered.


Math Worksheets PDF Free Download

We have organized this online learning website in a very suitable way where everything is classified. Students can also independently open up the site and find the relevant easy educational games and online math quizzes and free pdf worksheets. We deal till the 6th standard, meaning till the 6th class.


In addition to this, we have written numerous articles relating to different topics of education like homeschooling, writing ability and eLearning that you may want to read. We provide the best guidelines for homeschooling so parents can help their children expand knowledge while staying indoors and making it fun side by side.


Our free PDF quizzes provide immediate feedback so students get to see how well they are doing with each question and shoot back with a greater score and make a comeback.


Students can also use this site as a fun game portal to spend time with their friends as they compete for points and learn along. Parents, tutors and teachers will find this free online learning game website very helpful since we provide the best mathematical resources for kids from kindergarten to 6th grade. Make sure to leave a like or comment, if you find worksheets, quizzes, and games beneficial.


Free Learning Games For Kids Online

Our educational games are created utilizing the most up-to-date technology, allowing for smooth play on any device with a Web browser. The goal of mathzone4kids is to give kids entertaining, free educational games. Our online games help students in the elementary school develop critical abilities that are essential to their academic success. Students do not need to register or maintain an account with us because our educational games are free. Children may easily load activities and enjoy learning while playing online.

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