Addition Games  Grade 1Addition Games  Grade 1

Practice basic addition with this soccer game 

Subtraction Soccer GamesSubtraction Soccer Games

Practice  subtraction with this soccer game 

Naming Shapes with SidesNaming Shapes with Sides

Soccer Game on naming  shapes and sides

Geometry Game Grade 1Geometry Game Grade 1

Catch the right answer to earn points

Zombie Games 1st  GradeZombie Games 1st  Grade

Select your and skill you wish to practice

Adding  “2” To NumbersAdding  "2" To Numbers

Practice addition of “2” to numbers

Adding “3” To NumbersAdding "3" To Numbers

Practice addition of 3 to numbers

Adding  “4” To NumbersAdding  "4" To Numbers

Practice addition of 4 to numbers

Adding “5” To Numbers Adding "5" To Numbers

Practice addition of 5 to numbers

Cool Counting Gamecounting game thumbnail

Practice Counting  up to 6

Adding  “4” To NumbersAdding  "4" To Numbers

Practice addition of 4 to numbers

Adding “5” To Numbers Adding "5" To Numbers

Practice addition of 5 to numbers

Partition Shapes Equal SharesAdding "4" To Numbers

Practice 10 more and 10 less

10 More And 10 LessAdding  "4" To Numbers

Practice 10 more and 10 less

Value of Coins Adding "5" To Numbers

Practice Value of coins

Multiples of 10Adding "4" To Numbers

Practice Multiples of 10

Missing NumbersAdding  "4" To Numbers

Practice missing numbers

Days Of The WeekAdding "5" To Numbers

Practice Days Of The Week

Numbers up to 100Adding  "4" To Numbers

Practice numbers up to 100

Add Three NumbersAdding  "4" To Numbers

Practice add three numbers

Compare Numbers Adding "5" To Numbers

Practice Compare Numbers

3D FiguresAdding "5" To Numbers

Practice 3D figures

Count MoneyAdding  "4" To Numbers

Practice Count Money

Count Groups of 10Adding "5" To Numbers

Practice Count Groups of 10

 Numbers up to 50 Adding "5" To Numbers

Practice numbers up to 50

Count back to subtract within 20Adding  "4" To Numbers

Practice count back to subtract within 20

Add Multiples of 10Adding "5" To Numbers

Practice add multiples of 10

Ist Grade Math Games / Math Games For Kids.

Welcome to 1st grade math games. Free online 1st grade games | This is a page about math 1st grade games free, that will help your kids practice 1st grade games in the classroom. This website offers the best math games that your child needs, ranging from worksheets to fun illustrated activities. In the first grade, a student must have an excellent base to be able to work harder in the future, and to ensure this, we provide easy math games and what is better than the fact that these are all free?

What entices children the most are that we have fun backgrounds of games, some are flying balloons carrying answers, traffic road games where buses blast when you answer correctly and the most exciting: a soccer match where the audience applauds and cheers for you. We have added another thrilling game where you are chased by a zombie and must dodge and dash to catch the balls with the correct answers. To encourage kids so that they don’t lose hope, we attached 3 hearts so you may have 3 lifelines to escape and earn points.

These cooperative games focus widely on addition which embraces simple addition and also with the numbers 1,2,3,4 and 5 as well as the addition of multiples of 10. The addition is the cornerstone of math so we kept this in mind and released multiple and an organized set of fun addition games. And to have a little enjoyment, we upgraded the game into a catch the answer game where you must slide your basket left and right to capture the cloud carrying the accurate answer. And this is furthermore visualized by adding a cute beach scene at the back so the boring mathematics becomes more animated and more like a fun game.

Knowing about money and currency is equally important so according to the picture shown in the game, you must tell how much money it is. There are also money addition games that may help your kid test himself/herself. Our games include naming shapes, which is chief learning and is equally important as are 3d figures. Comparison of numbers is dealt with in a fun way in a soccer match and the best part is that there are always guidelines under the games which students may scope if they face any issues in understanding.

Missing number games for grade 1, are probably the most fun and easy, and children always enjoy doing what is within the grasp of their abilities. In this easy math game, pupils must analyze the number pattern and indicate the missing number. The game gets over as soon as a wrong answer is declared which motivates them to do better and hang onto earning points. In the zombie games, you can choose your grade and skill and you’ll be given questions according to the skill you select. Parents and teachers may utilize our resources to help children review their learning or as practice material. So, what are you waiting for? Fetch these welcoming games now and make sure to look for more worksheets and quizzes on this website. If you find these helpful, make sure to return to this website and share it with your friends.

Here, students, parents, and teachers will find interactive games designed to help children learn basic math. The interactive content is useful for extracurricular learning with the added layer of engaging gameplay to increase students’ interest in learning math. The games start off with a series of simple addition and subtraction challenges that focus on rewarding the correct answer with a goal. The wrong answer ends the game, and it will restart. The same gameplay element is used to help students understand simple concepts like naming shapes with sides, which set the basis for geometry, counting, and value of money, something students should be able to implement practically in the real-world. Through these games, 1st grade students will be able to pick up the concepts of expanded numbers, adding up to 3 digits together, comparing numbers, and identifying 3D shapes and figures.

Another type of game included in this platform is that you control a basket on an island while it rains numbers. Catching the right solution will reward you with points and missing it will make you try over. This helps children develop the ability to solve problems in stressful situations. This is further used to help illustrate the importance of addition through various exercises. It starts by adding 2 to different numbers, then the next exercise follows adding 3 to different numbers, as things get progressively challenging, the number climbs up to 4, and 5 as well. There is another exercise in this series of games, that is the truck exercise.

This will involve a series of trucks quickly speeding across the interstate with answers atop them, the game is to select the right truck and score a point, if you select the wrong truck the game resets. This exercise is used to help children understand the basics of “partition shapes equal shares” in which a shape is split into a certain number of partitions and you have to select if the statement is true or false. The games then get progressively challenging with a game labeled “10 more or 10 less” where the challenge will be to take the number displayed on screen and to find a truck that will either be 10 more than that number, or 10 less.

This comparison will help children practice addition and subtraction in general terms. Similarly, you can play games that will help you find multiples of 10s, help you find missing numbers, and partition shapes in halves and fourths (or quarters). There is also a balloon game that will help children apply math to real-world skills by practicing on larger numbers and a collection of objects. Through this game they can practice counting money, a critical life skill, to count groups of 10s, to count numbers up to 50, and practicing count back to subtract within 20, add multiples of 10s. These games are free to use with 1st grade students at home, and even at schools. Please do make sure to give us our due credit when you do mention us Kindly check out other math resources Here .

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