Math Worksheets Grade 1 PDF

Addition With Pictures 1

Addition pictures for 1st graders, practice picture addition by kindergarten  worksheet PDF

Addition With Pictures 2

Addition pictures for year one, practice animal pictures addition worksheet for first grade PDF

Addition With pictures3

Addition pictures for year one, practice picture addition math exercises with this worksheet PDF

Addition With Pictures 4

Pictorial addition 1st grade ,practice addition with pictures illustrated worksheet PDF

Worksheets On Fractions

worksheets for fractions, practice math activity on writing the fraction of the colored section.

Worksheets In Fractions

Fractions Worksheets for 1st grade, practice math question on what is the colored surface fraction.

Worksheets With Fractions

worksheets in fractions for children, practice math on writing the fraction of the colored surface.

Worksheets For Fractions

Fractions worksheets math, practice math questions on what is the fraction of the colored surface.

Compare  Numbers  

Comparing numbers kindergarten, practice the use of greater than and lesser than symbols pdf

Compare  Numbers  

Comparing numbers kindergarten, Worksheet on comparing numbers by using greater than and lesser than 

Comparing Numbers

Comparing numbers for kindergarten and first grade worksheets using < & > symbols pdf

Number Comparing

Comparing numbers for  kindergarten and 1st grade  using < & > symbols free PDF

Odd Or Even Worksheets

Odd and Even numbers worksheets, practice math counting activities on odd and even numbers

Odd And Even Numbers

Odd and Even numbers worksheets, practice math counting on odd and even numbers for  1st grade PDF.

Odd And  Even  Numbers

Odd and Even numbers worksheets, practice odd or even numbers math play for 1st graders.

Odd And Even Numbers

Odd and Even numbers worksheets, count and circle odd or even math game for 1st graders PDF

Skip Counting Worksheets

Activities for skip counting printable worksheet for year one children in pdf format

Counting  On  Worksheets

Skip counting for grade 1, practice this math activities on skip counting worksheet PDF

Skip Counting Worksheets

Skip counting for grade 1, practice activities for skip counting worksheet printable PDF

Counting On Worksheets

Skip counting for grade 1, practice activities on skip counting worksheet PDF

Shapes  Of Polygons

Polygons define, practice polygons identification with this printable worksheet for grade one

Shapes  Of  Polygons

What is the Polygon type ? , identify polygons and tell how many sides and angles.

Shapes Of  Polygons

Polygons shapes, identify polygons worksheet for grade one students. polygons identification math.

Math Puzzle For Kids

Math Puzzle with answers for grade one, practice addition math puzzle with amazing worksheet

Math Puzzle With Answers

Math puzzles worksheets in addition, math puzzle questions on addition printable pdf for kids.

Math Puzzles With Answers

Addition math puzzles with answers, math puzzle questions and answers printable pdf

Math Puzzles with Answers

Math puzzles addition worksheets, math puzzle questions for class 1 printable pdf .

Subtraction Worksheets

Subtraction worksheet for kindergarten, grade 1, subtraction math with pictures.

Subtraction Worksheets

Subtraction worksheets for grade 1, picture subtraction for kindergarten and 1st grade 

Worksheets For Subtraction

Worksheet on subtraction for kindergarten, practice subtraction math for 1st graders

Worksheets On Subtraction

Subtraction with picture worksheet, picture subtraction for kindergarten and 1st grade

Worksheets For Subtraction

Worksheets on subtraction for kindergarten and grade 1, picture subtraction pdf

Addition Worksheets

Practice addition mathematics problems on adding one to one digit numbers  printable PDF

grade One Addition

Grade 1 addition worksheets, practice one to one digits addition problems printable pdf.

Grade One Addition

Grade 1 addition worksheets, practice one to one digits addition math problems

Addition For Grade One

Grade 1 addition worksheets, addition of one to one digits numbers math problems PDF

Numbers  Ordering

Numbers in order math worksheet grade 1, practice numbers worksheets on “what comes after”  activity. 

Ordering  Of  Numbers

Numbers in order math worksheet grade 1, practice number ordering math activities for kids 

Ordering Of  Numbers

Numbers in order math worksheet grade 1, practice numbers ordering math activity 

Ordering Of Numbers

Numbers in order math worksheet grade 1, practice “what comes after” number ordering math activities

Numbers Ordering

Ordering numbers math worksheets, practice the “what comes before” numbers ordering math activities

Ordering Numbers

Ordering numbers least to greatest, practice “what comes before” in ordering numbers math activities.

Ordering  Numbers

Ordering numbers least to greatest, practice the “what comes before” numbers ordering math activities

Ordering Numbers

Ordering numbers from least to greatest , practice numbers ordering math activities pdf worksheet

Addition Worksheets

Addition worksheets for kindergarten, practice adding 1, 2 , 3, 4 to another number

Addition Worksheets

Addition worksheets for kindergarten and grade 1, practice adding doubles  addition math activities

Addition Worksheets

Addition for kindergarten worksheet, practice 1st grade word addition problems for 1st graders.

Addition Worksheets

Word problems in addition up to 20, practicing addition for kindergarten worksheet and grade 1

Missing Number Worksheet

Grade 1 worksheet math, fill in the missing number to make a sum, subtraction related problem.

Math Addition Worksheets

Addition Worksheets, Matching addition operations with the right answers printable worksheets

Compare Numbers 

Compare numbers kindergarten, greater than and lesser than number comparing math activities grade 1

Comparing Numbers up to 20

Comparing numbers kindergarten, Worksheet for comparing numbers for grade one kids.

Comparing Numbers Up to 50

Comparing numbers for kindergarten, Practice numbers comparing up 50 worksheet grade 1

Counting Worksheets

Counting worksheets for preschool, practice counting for kindergarten and 1st grade

Counting Worksheets

Counting worksheets for preschool, practice counting up to 100 worksheet for 1st grade.

Skip  Counting  Worksheet

Worksheet for skip counting by 2, practice skip counting for  kindergarten and  1st grade

Skip Counting By 3 Worksheet

Worksheet on kip counting, practice skip-counting by 3 for grade 1 and grade 2 .

Skip Counting Worksheet By 4

Worksheet on skip counting, practice skip counting by 4 for grade 1 and grade 2 downloadable pdf.

Worksheet on Counting

Worksheet for counting, practice counting with the counting table drill from 1 to 50 free pdf.

Worksheets With Fractions

Worksheets for Fractions grade 3, grade 2 and grade 1, early fractions skills learning for kids PDF

Worksheets With Fractions

Worksheet for fractions grade 3, 2, 1. Practice comparing fractions with this free worksheet.

Worksheets  On  Polygons

Polygons define and types,  free printable worksheet for  grade 1, on identifying the polygons.

Reading Thermometer

Worksheets on reading thermometers,  practice thermometer reading for kids in year one free PDF .

Multiplication  In  Word  Problems

Multiplication in words problems, practice multiplication for kids in 1st grade free downloadable pdf.

Multiplication Worksheet

Multiplication printable free, practice multiplication by matching operations with answers worksheet

Worksheets On Multiplication

Worksheet for multiplication for grade 1, Practice multiplication by matching operations with answers.

More Or Less Worksheets Free

More or less worksheet kindergarten, practice the use of more or less on math problems for 1st graders

Worksheets On Subtraction

Worksheets on subtraction for kindergarten, and grade 1.Practice matching up with answers.

Worksheets On Subtraction

Worksheets on subtraction for grade 1, subtract 1, 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 from a number free pdf.

Word Problems Subtraction

Subtraction word problems 2nd grade, worksheets on subtraction real situations for 1st graders.

Telling Time Worksheet

Time worksheets, practice time telling on this free printable worksheet for 1st grade & kindergarten

Time Worksheet grade 1

Telling time worksheet, practice time conversion from hours to minutes and seconds.

Worksheet On clock

Clock worksheets, practice matching digital to analog clock math activities on clock for 1st graders..

Clock Worksheet For 1st Grade

Worksheets on clock, practice how to write analog time in digital form with this free printable worksheet .


Skip Counting for Grade 1 | 1st Grade Money Worksheets | Print out worksheets for grade 1 to learn addition, skip counting, 1st grade worksheets pdf.

Ist Grade Math Worksheets

One of the first things kids notice when they go from kindergarten to first grade is the increased effort. Sure, first-graders got to have fun, but not as much as kindergarteners did. This is because first grade is where students are introduced to dozens of essential concepts in a variety of topics, all within the boundaries of an organized classroom environment. Accessing our first grade worksheets is one approach to keep first-graders interested and focused. These worksheets not only reinforce vital subjects given in class but also make studying engaging with interactive activities.

The best thing about first-grade worksheets is that they cover the entire educational landscape of math, including addition, fractions, subtraction, compare number worksheets, odd and even number worksheets, skip counting worksheets, math puzzle worksheets, multiplication worksheets, and telling time worksheets.

As a result, parents can be assured that each child’s needs and interests will be met. If your children are more advanced, we provide first grade worksheets that will test even the most gifted students.

Math Worksheets For Class 1

It’s time to take things up a notch with our first grade math worksheets now that your youngster has mastered numbers and counting. Begin with single-digit addition before on to easy subtraction and then put her to the test with a one-minute first-grade math assignment. For those on the math fast track, we also teach topics like money, simple word problems, greater than/less than, and even fractions. You may rely on our first grade math worksheets to boost your child’s arithmetic skills regardless of the topic. There are endless options for your youngster to enhance his math abilities, from simple addition and subtraction exercises to measuring worksheets to puzzles where answering math problems unlock the solution. What’s nice about our first grade math worksheets is that they make what might be a daunting task a little more enjoyable.

Explore Wide Range of Printable Math Worksheets pdf For Grade 1

 Printable 1st grade math worksheets with answer keys assist students in expanding their counting series, understanding place value and number systems, measuring the length and comparing sizes, telling time, counting money, and representing and interpreting data. With hundreds of innovative exercises, your child will undoubtedly discover the joy of studying first grade mathematics – something you may never have imagined possible when you were a kid!

These worksheets will help pupils review all they’ve learned in school and improve their abilities. We all know that first grade is a significant leap in arithmetic when pupils will progress from simple counting to simple addition. From coin dimensions to 2-digit numbers, these 1st-grade math worksheets will cover it all. Your first-grader will become a math whiz in no time with the aid of these engaging worksheets. While learning new talents, students will discover new ideas that will help them grow their prior skills further. Worksheets may be of great assistance at this time, as they will allow your child to brush up on old abilities while learning new ones.

The only thing they need to do now comprehends the concept; if they do, they will be able to solve the problem on their own. We’ll make sure your child understands all of the ideas and skills taught in first grade. These concepts and abilities will aid students in excelling in second grade. As a result, our enjoyable and simple worksheets are a notion that will assist students in learning numerous skills and ideas more quickly, assuring a successful math career.

With our arithmetic 1st grade worksheets PDF, you can help your children overcome their fear of math. Each of our PDF downloads has a range of exciting questions to help you prepare your kid for all of the arithmetic concepts they will meet in first grade. These worksheets are appropriate for both classroom and home usage. Some children might not know how to count when they enter elementary school. This is rather typical – after all, children learn at their rate – and 1st grade is designed to help these students recognize numbers, count them out loud, and write them. They can quickly catch up to their classmates with sufficient work.

As a quick and practical study help for your small pupils’ arithmetic lessons, download our math 1st grade worksheets PDF. You can utilize them for a variety of purposes, including class materials, assignments, and tests.

1st grade math worksheets help youngsters prepare for many scenarios and strengthen their analytical skills. Numbers and Place Values, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Geometry, Time, and Money are all covered in Grade 1 Worksheets. Students can complete problems at their speed using math worksheets since they provide them a lot of time flexibility.

Importance Of Learning Through Worksheets

Math worksheets are categorized by grade level and topic. These worksheets emphasize the step-by-step learning mechanism, which helps students think strategically about a problem, realize their errors, and acquire mathematical abilities. Visuals in math worksheets help students understand new concepts and perceive things from a fresh perspective, which can help them learn more effectively.

Grade 1 math may be simple for your children if they have the right materials. To assist youngsters to brush up on their mathematics abilities, educators have advised worksheets like these 1st-grade math worksheets. Our worksheets are simple to follow and suited for first-graders. Our free math printable worksheets for 1st grade will convert your youngsters into little math geniuses with constant practice.

Benefits Of Using Online Worksheets

Worksheets are excellent teaching tools that can help students improve their grades. After using online worksheets, students have experienced a significant boost in their grades. Free online worksheets are a useful learning tool for involving students and ensuring active learning. Worksheets are created by the teacher to guarantee that all topics are learned holistically. Worksheets are excellent for assessing learning outcomes. Printable worksheets can also be used to assess pupils’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as to help them learn difficult concepts.

You can browse our pages to explore the useful links related to your need and grades. We have a wide range of quizzes and free online games which you can explore to further improve your concepts and practice.

One of the major concerns of parents towards the children is their studies and often it is difficult to find the correct syllabus according to the standards. Math Zone 4 Kids offers different printable and absolutely free mathematics worksheets set as per the international standards so that children in year one, year two, year three and year four may take benefit regardless of the boundaries. The worksheets for the students of 1st grade cover the entire mathematics syllabus for the 1st standard.

Every worksheet is designed in a way where it entices the students and urges them to learn and practice through repeated attempts. Addition worksheets for year one is among various topics offered in first grade math worksheet. Several worksheets are available to helps children revise kindergarten mathematics as well as learn the new concepts.

Therefore, in this page, children will find activities such as Adding Doubles which consist of adding the numbers to themselves (for example 2+2=4) from 1 to 10 with an answer key attached to the worksheet for the students to know their mistakes. Word Problems addition is about addition of numbers up to 10 and 20 in different worksheets. Try and make your kids read, understand, and explain the word problems on their own for better understanding. Missing number addition is also found on this page, which is a kind of balancing equation i.e.

Students are required to find the missing number that adds up with the given number and matches the given answer. First grade subtraction math worksheets will be found on this page, due to the fact that students often find it difficult to perform subtraction. Hence, Math zone 4 kids offers easy and understandable worksheets for subtraction. Year one students will practice activities on Subtracting 1-6 by Starting with the easy steps, students are required to subtract 1, 2, and 3,4,5,6 from a given numbers. Further, Activities on first grade subtraction word problems are present in this page.

Yet again, the word problems on subtraction are easy statements/questions where year one students are required to read, understand, and perform subtraction operation to find the answers. Then here comes the section related to first grade MULTIPLICATION worksheets.

This section is such an asset for year one kids to devote more time on in the sense that multiplication is the basis of various math activities and kids are required to learn most basic multiplication answers by heart. Thus, activities such Match Multiplication will be found on this section, where students are required to perform multiplication up to 5, (for example, 2 times 2 equals 4) on the numbers given in one column, to match the answers given in the other column. Furthermore, year one multiplication word problems are present in this page in order to introduce real-life multiplication scenarios.

These first-grade worksheets on multiplication section includes easy problem statements and students are supposed to read, understand and perform multiplication solution on them. Parents/teachers are advised to help the kids read, understand, and explain the statements on their own words for a better understanding. This page also embodies a section referred to as year one number counting worksheets, where children face various counting activities such as counting objects.

The worksheets include counting the given objects up to 50 and 100. First grade students are required to count the objects in a group and write answers in the given column. Moreover, first grade skip counting worksheets are related to counting objects by twos, threes, and fours. This activity is supposed to strengthen children abilities to master their multiplication tables practiced continuously. Another major activity in this page is about first grade table drill worksheets, which is a sort of a puzzle that needs to be fixed by placing the right answers on their correct positions (boxes).

Students are required to complete the table by referring to their counting skills.
This page on first grade math worksheets also introduces year one student to the concept fractions with a section on first grade worksheets on fractions. This provides students with some fractions know-how and their comparisons; worksheets consist of tables having several columns. One portion of table (columns) are colored and the rest of them are left white. Students are required to count the colored columns as well as the white ones and write the answers in the form of fractions and compare them in terms of less than, greater than, and equals.

1st grade student are also exposed to the notion of time, by a section referred to as time Passage worksheet for grade one. This part teaches children the time passage, which is a tough job especially until year one kids assimilate the multiplication table of 5. Time passage worksheets consist of visual representation of clock/time and students are asked to tell the expected time in one, two, and three hours by placing the needles on the clock correctly to answer the given questions. Moreover, there is a worksheets section about Time conversion where kids are required to convert Hours to minutes and minutes to seconds.

Another section deals with activities related to time conversion from Analogue to Digital and Vice Versa here, worksheets have visuals of clocks and students are required to convert time from analog to digital and from digital to analog as per the requirement of the question.

Free 1st Grade Worksheets Printable | Math Worksheets Grade 1 PDF

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