Cool Math Game for Kids year One, 2048 game modes | Practice how to play the 2048 math game for primary school children. learn math in a fun way with this game .This game enhances students’ abilities to easily identify the multiple of two. The purpose is to help players quickly plan ahead and think very fast for a rational decision. The more players think ahead, the longer the game session will last. This game also helps students to strategize efficiently in the sense that to be successful, it is required to stay focused, keeping larger numbers to a minimum, and fill the board with smaller numbers. It is reasonable to play this game at fourth grade, fifth grade and sixth grade. At the end, the combination number 2048 should be made in one tile combination. The navigation buttons on the keyboard should helps players move numbers having in mind that when two numbers add up together when they encountered. Click Here to access more math activities to strengthen your children math skills.

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