3 Dimensional Figures Game

3 Dimensional Figures Game


This game features 3 Dimensional figure for grade 1 children to learn in geometry. How to identify 3D shapes ? Have you already taught your kids all about 2D figures? Is it time for them to learn about 3D figures? Are they having trouble keeping their figures straight? We may have something that can help you with that.
Our new “3D Figures” game helps kids identify 3D figures. The game takes an innovative approach by combining soccer with learning. This makes the learning process fun for the kids, making them anxious for more.

Playing the game

In the game, the kids are presented with multiple-choice questions. The question statements are something like “Which 3D figure is this?” followed by a picture of the shape in question. The statement is followed by options like “sphere”, “cuboid”, “cylinder”, and “cube”. Upon choosing the correct answer, the player is awarded a point and scores a goal. Then, the player can proceed to the next question. The graphics keep them hooked.

The 3D figures game is completely free with no in-game purchases, allowing you full access to the game. The game is available online without any restrictions. You can use the game to help your child recognize 3D figures by using the game in their homes and classrooms. Start playing now and see the results for yourself!

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