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Math Games For Grade 3 |  Grade 3 Math Worksheets

In the dynamic world of education, online learning games have emerged as a revolutionary tool for children, especially for 3rd graders. These games are not only engaging but also instrumental in shaping the foundational skills of young learners. This Free Online Learning Games for 3rd Graders takes your kids through the best free online learning games for 3rd graders, focusing on their educational value, entertainment factor, and ease of access.

In this regard, 3rd grade is a critical year in a child’s educational journey, marking a transition from learning to read to reading to learn. It’s a period where students start to grasp more complex concepts in math, science, language arts, and social studies. Learning games can make this transition smoother and more enjoyable.

Math games for 3rd graders offer an excellent opportunity to extend learning beyond the classroom. When children engage in these games at home, they reinforce what they’ve learned in school and gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. Additionally, parents can play an active role in their child’s education by participating in these games, fostering a supportive and educational family environment. Below are few aspects of the children’s math skills that games on this page will attempt to address.

Math Games For 3rd And 4th Graders

Engaging and educational math games are a cornerstone of effective learning strategies for young students. this page hold a good amount of math games specifically designed for 3rd and 4th graders. These games are not only fun but also instrumental in building foundational math skills.

We devote a lot of time to building these games because we believe that incorporating play into education, especially in subjects like math, significantly enhances learning. Games make abstract concepts more concrete, fostering a deeper understanding in young minds.

At the stage of 3rd and 4th grades, students are developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Math games for 3rd and 4th graders are designed to challenge and engage them at this crucial stage.

Top Math Games for 3rd and 4th Graders Found On This Page :

1-Expanded Notation Of Numbers For Grade 3

Expanded notation of numbers is a way to represent a number by breaking it down into its individual place values. In English, this is typically done by writing the number as a sum of its digits, each multiplied by its corresponding place value. For example, let’s take the number 3,456:

  • Thousands place: 3 * 1000 = 3,000
  • Hundreds place: 4 * 100 = 400
  • Tens place: 5 * 10 = 50
  • Ones place: 6 * 1 = 6.     So, in expanded notation, the number 3,456 can be written as:    3,000 + 400 + 50 + 6

This shows how each digit contributes to the overall value of the number based on its position in the number.

2-Divide And Multiply Money Game For 3rd Graders

The “Divide and Multiply Money Game” is not a well-known or standard game for 3rd and 4th graders, but it sounds like a fun and educational activity you can find on this page to help kids practice or use it for teaching math concepts to children or for entertainment purposes. The objective of the game is to teach players about division and multiplication while having fun with money-related calculations.

Dividing Money:

  • If a player chooses to divide their money, they select an amount (e.g., $10) and a divisor (e.g., 2). They then calculate the result of dividing the chosen amount by the divisor (e.g., $10 ÷ 2 = $5), and their new total becomes the result (e.g., $5).

Multiplying Money:

  • If a player decides to multiply their money, they pick an amount (e.g., $20) and a multiplier (e.g., 3). They calculate the result by multiplying the chosen amount by the multiplier (e.g., $20 x 3 = $60), and their new total becomes the result (e.g., $60).
3-Compare Fractions Same Numerator Math Game For Grade 3

On this 3rd grade math game page, you will find the Compare Fractions with the Same Numerator online game for free.  This math game is suitable for 3rd-grade students to help them practice comparing fractions with the same numerator. This game is designed to reinforce their understanding of fractions and the concept that when fractions have the same numerator, the one with the smaller denominator is larger. The objective of the game is to correctly compare fractions with the same numerator and identify which one is greater or less than the other.

Example: Comparing 5/8 and 5/10

In this example, we’re comparing two same numerator fractions:

  • Fraction 1: 5/8
  • Fraction 2: 5/10

Let’s see how the game unfolds:

  1. Gameplay: Players will chose to place the greater than, less than or equals to between two set of fractions and compare the fractions.
  2. Comparison: When Fraction 1 (5/8) and Fraction 2 (5/10) are drawn, players must decide which fraction is larger.   To make the comparison, they can look at the denominators. Here, 8 is larger than 10. Therefore, 5/8 is greater than 5/10.
  3. Scoring: The player who correctly identifies that 5/8 is larger earns a point for this round.

In the game, you can have multiple rounds with various same numerator fractions. For instance, you can include fractions like 4/7, 4/5, 4/10, and 4/8. Players will have to compare each pair of fractions in separate rounds, earning points for correct answers.  This format keeps the game engaging and reinforces the skill of comparing same numerator fractions.


Grade 3 Math Games For Kids

Mathzone4kids is a popular website that provides the free online math games and resources your child needs, from 1 to the 6th standard. Our resources include math worksheets, gamers, and quizzes that match each level of grade. These 3rd grade games are just as remarkable, covering a wide range of topics that includes multiplication properties, expanded notation of numbers and weights and capacity units games.

These easy math games are fun to play, some games have flying balloons, and others are traffic road games consisting of colored moving buses on roads that blast when you answer correctly. And the most amusing is a soccer match where your goal and receive a score when your answer is right. Knowing how to deal with money is very essential for everyone, also for kids as nowadays everyone is going self-governing. So we have made the best games where you can multiply and divide money as given in the question and also apply the other two operations that are addition and subtraction. Correspondingly, we have the units of mass game where learners will be given a question where they’ll be asked to compare kilogram and gram units. Children should crack this by transfiguring either gram to kilograms or vice-versa since only like terms can be compared.

Practicing Counting Game For 3rd Graders.

Counting is very important and is enriched in almost all these games. Numbers can also be inscribed in words and this activity is also implemented in one of our games. Students enjoy fun games so we kept this in mind and designed these activities with pleasing visuals. In these online learning games, we also added the concept of the perimeter so students may attempt, test themselves and reinforce.

This makes them more aware of measurements, making sums and using the addition operation. Kids enjoy playing games for entertainment. Our third grade learning games provide children with a fun approach to learning while also incorporating a wide range of crucial academic competencies. For kids to be better at distinguishing between numbers, the math number ordering game is aimed at where random numbers are shown and it is told to choose the correct option that could order the numbers perfectly in the ascending order. Probably the most fun is the soccer match complete equivalent fractions game.

A lot of the math concepts that youngsters learn in their elementary school years are built upon in our online math games. By introducing them to ideas like multiplication, division, fractions, figurative language, concluding, and much more, our third grade games help kids become ready for upper elementary. All these 3rd grade games are fun, especially when they reduce your child’s useless screen time and help them focus on studies better. Check out our selection of third grade games, and allow your kids to have fun as they study. Your child will learn, enjoy themselves, and advance key abilities in mathematics for success in school with games for third graders!

If you need to visit more math resources, Kindly check other math resources Here.

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