3rd Grade Math Quizzes

This section offers cool math activities for year two students, while it is understood that getting a strong command on mathematics is no more a hectic task as Math Zone 4 kids is offering communicative, interactive, and educative quizzes for the mathematics’ students from Kindergarten to 6th standard, that is, activities targeting kids form year one to year 6. The 3rd-grade math quiz is a step ahead to introduce a little more complex topics to children in year two in the most convenient and fetching manner. Apart from the usual addition, subtraction, multiplication, and geometry, let’s have a look at the other topics covered in these fun quizzes and the activities being offered by Math Zone 4 kids for 3rd-grade students. This page consists of the quizzes related to the Decimal Numbers and in order to make the students practice and performing calculations on these numbers, we are offering a complete set of easy to understand quizzes. Addition is the starting point where a calculative quiz on the addition of decimal numbers ranging from three digits before the decimal point and 2 digits after the decimal point. It gives a perceptible comprehension of how decimal addition works. The section is then followed by third grade decimal subtraction quiz. Here, Decimal subtraction for year three is a bit tricky hence this quiz requires teachers/parents’ supervision. Students are required to apply existing knowledge of how to subtract lesser decimals from greater decimals and place the decimal point correctly. The next section is about third grade number Comparison. This quiz tests the student’s understanding regarding the functions of the decimal. They must be aware of counting i.e. from left to right or right to left to differentiate between the greater and smaller numbers. Number Illustration quiz for 3rd graders is present in this page and it is dedicated to an interactive quiz that helps children learn about how to relate the illustrations with calculative problems. In this activity, year three students are required to represent the displayed illustration into decimal numbers. Then come the rearranging math quiz for third grade. once students are able to differentiate decimal numbers based on their degrees, this online quiz addresses the problem of rearranging the displayed numbers into order from least to greatest. This page also exemplifies the topic of Division math quiz for third graders which is further separated into sub topics to allow the students to have a better grip on the topics. One of the subtopics is on Dividing numbers. A number of quizzes offered in this part is about the division number by one, two, three, four, and five. These quizzes are designed in a way that they are more fun and less bothersome. The other sub-topic is dedicated to Division with pictures. Here, proposed activities help third grade students improve their knowledge on using division as a real-life arithmetic operation tool. Pictures are arranged in a way where objects are divided using circles. Students are asked to count the objects and perform division to answer accordingly. Third grade math quiz on word problems gets students familiar with real-life implementation of division rules, the word problems quiz is designed with easy to understand statements. Students are required to read out the questions and perform division to find the right answers. After this activity, the following one that this page deals with is on Illustration, where students are asked to interpret the illustrations and then give what equation it represents i.e. perform division operation. Another section is dedicated to Rounding-up math quiz for grade 3 question. The rounding up quizzes require knowledge of estimation and how this applies to round up to nearest thousands, hundreds, and tens. You would also be able to find the quizzes related to fractions. The fractions quizzes include activities where students are required to add the mixed fractions, convert ratios and decimals into fractions, and vice versa, finding divisions of fractions, etc. All these quizzes require a proper solving technique i.e. students are advised to perform calculations on their notebooks before answering questions online.

3rd Grade Math Quizzes | Math Quizzes For 3rd Graders | 3rd Grade Cool Games On Multiplication

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