Mean Median Mode Range worksheetmean of data game thumbail

Lean how to find the mean, mode, median

How To Simplify Fractions  Gamesimplifying fraction game thumbnail

How to write fraction in lowest term

How To Calculate Simple Interest

simple interest game thumbnail

Practice Simple Interest calculation

Find Sale Prices  With  Discountconsumer math sale price discount

How to calculate the sales prices 

Exponents With Decimal Calculationexponent game thumbnail

How to do exponents with decimal numbers

Decimal Multiplication Math  Gamedecimal multiplication game thumbnail

Learn how to multiply decimals numbers

Add Subtract Or Multiply Fractionsfraction addition and subtraction game thumbnail

Learn how to add and subtract fractions

What Mean Median And Modefinding the mean game thumbnail

Learn how to find the mean of a sequence

Elapsed Time Game Onlineelapsed time game thumbnail

Practice Elapsed Time Game

Time Conversion Units Games time units game thumbnail

Convert into various units of time 

What Least Common Multipleleast common multiple game thumbnail

Practice Least Common Multiple Game

Game On How Much Tips To Paytips calculation game thumbnail

Learn how to Estimate Tips to pay

 Improper Fractions And Mixed Numbers Gameconvert fractions to mixed number games thumbnail

Convert Fractions to mixed numbers

Exponents Formula, And Estimationgame thumbnail on exponents

Learn how to evaluate Exponents in math

How to Solve Algebra Equation Gamealgebra 1 equation game thumbnail

Practice Algebra 1 equation in this game

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