Grade 6 Worksheets Math

Grade 6 Addition  Worksheet

 Simple Addition Worksheet Simple Addition Worksheet

Addition of whole numbers

Three Digits Addition ProblemThree Digits Addition Problem

Three addends addition pdf

Missing Addend AdditionMissing Addend Addition

Complete addition operations

Millions Addition WorksheetMillions Addition Worksheet

 Addition Of Millions worksheet

Decimal  Addition  ProblemsDecimal  Addition  Problems

Addition Of Decimals Pdf

Addition Of  DecimalsAddition Of  Decimals

How to do decimal addition

Addition Word Problems PdfAddition Word Problems Pdf

Word problems in addition

Addition For Whole Numbers Addition For Whole Numbers

Addition of whole numbers

 Addition With Subtraction PdfAddition With Subtraction Pdf

Addition fact families pdf

Addition Of  Millions PdfAddition Of  Millions Pdf

Addition up to millions

Addition Fraction Word ProblemsAddition Fraction Word Problems

Word problems with fractions

Add And Subtract Fraction Word Add And Subtract Fraction Word 

How addition word fraction Pro

Fractions And Decimal Numbers Worksheet For 6th Grade

How Equivalent fractionsHow Equivalent fractions

How to equivalent fractions

How Equivalent Three FractionsHow Equivalent Three Fractions

How to Equivalent  fractions 

Fraction Addition Word ProblemsFraction Addition Word Problems

Fraction addition and subtract

Fraction Of  Colored AreaFraction Of  Colored Area

Write fraction of colored area

 Division Of  Fraction ExampleDivision Of  Fraction Example

Fraction division whole number

Multiply Fraction Worksheet PdfMultiply Fraction Worksheet Pdf

Multiply fraction by numbers

Multiply Fraction Word ProblemsMultiply Fraction Word Problems

Word problems with fractions 

Multiply Fraction By FractionMultiply Fraction By Fraction

Steps for multiplying fractions

Fraction Subtraction WithFraction Subtraction With

Unlike Denominators

Subtraction Word Problem FractionSubtraction Word Problem Fraction

Fraction subtraction & addition 

Fraction Addition Problems Fraction Addition Problems 

Improper fraction addition

Multiply Fraction Worksheets pdfMultiply Fraction Worksheets pdf

Improper fraction multiplicatio

How To Subtract FractionsHow To Subtract Fractions

Improper fractions subtraction

Number Line In Decimals

Number Line In Decimals

Number line decimals games

Decimals Order Greatest To LeastDecimals Order Greatest To Least

Ordering of numbers 

Decimals Order Least To GreatestDecimals Order Least To Greatest

Ordering numbers least greatest

Percent Word Problems For 6thPercent Word Problems For 6th

Percentage word problems

Probability BasicsProbability Basics

Probabilities written in decimals

Probability BasicsProbability Basics

probability written in fractions

Probability In StatisticsProbability In Statistics

Probability in percentage

How To Simplify  A FractionHow To Simplify  A Fraction

Simplifying improper fractions

Simplify Fraction ExpressionsSimplify Fraction Expressions

Simplifying proper fractions

Fraction Division & MultiplicationFraction Division & Multiplication

Fraction division by a number

Percentage Word ProblemsPercentage Word Problems

Word problems on percentage

What Are Proper Fractions What Are Proper Fractions 

Compare proper fractions

Decimal To  Fraction  InchesDecimal To  Fraction  Inches

Convert decimals to fractions

Fraction To Decimal PercentFraction To Decimal Percent

Convert fractions to decimals

Percent To Decimals Percent To Decimals 

From percent to decimals 

Fraction Grid representationFraction Grid representation

Fraction grid coloring activity

How To Multiply Fraction by How To Multiply Fraction by

whole number 

Howto equivalent FractionsHowto equivalent Fractions

Compare equivalent fractions

How To Convert Improper FractionHow To Convert Improper Fraction

Compare improper fractions

 Division Worksheets For 6th Grade

Division With Remainders pdfDivision With Remainders pdf

Division and multiplication

Division Drill With RemaindersDivision Drill With Remainders

Circle drill division worksheet

Long Division Worksheets PdfLong Division Worksheets Pdf

Complete division operations

Change Decimal To  FractionsChange Decimal To  Fractions

Decimal to fraction conversion

Change Fraction To DecimalsChange Fraction To Decimals

 Fractions decimals conversion

Division with Decimal WorkshDivision with Decimal Worksh

Divide numbers by decimals

Division With  RegroupingDivision With  Regrouping

Division vertical operations

How To Division Of  DecimalsHow To Division Of  Decimals

How to divide by decimals

Word Problems With divisionWord Problems With division

Division in word problems

How To Do Fraction DivisionHow To Do Fraction Division

How divide fraction by numbers

Fraction Division & MultiplicationFraction Division & Multiplication

Fraction division examples

 Long Division Worksheets  pdf

Missing values division

Word  Problems  For  Division

Word problems in division

Geometry Worksheets For 6th Grade

Pythagorean Theorem Proof

Apply the Pythagorean Theorem

Area  And  Perimeter

Find polygons area perimeter

Area Of Irregular Shapes

How to find area of shapes

Graphs Math And Graph Plotter

Plot points in 1 quadrant graph

 Math Graphs And Line Plotting

How to plot line on a graph

Cartesian Coordinates

Plot points on cartesian plane

Line Graphs Examples

How to use line graph data

Example For Line Graph

 Draw line graph on sales data

Graph With Points

Graph points on a coordinate plane

Find Points Coordinates

Find coordinates of points 

Fahrenheit To Celsius

Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius

How Make Bar Graph

Draw bar graph on movie data

Circle Area And Circumference

Area circumference of a circle

Convert Celsius To Fahrenheit 

Celsius  Fahrenheit conversion

Coordinates On A Graph Plane

Find Coordinates of points 

Bar Graph Worksheet

Draw bar graph on fav subjects

 Grade 6 Worksheets On Numbers

Comparing Numbers

Number comparing worksheet

Numbers In Expanded Form

Expand numbers up to millions

Exponential Notation

Exponent of numbers in math

Exponents In Math

Exponents how to solve

Odd And Even Numbers

How to teach odd and even

Median In statistics

How to find the median 

Mode  In  Statistics

Worksheet on finding the mode

Odd  And Even Numbers 

Find the odd numbers in groups

Number Sense Millions

Biggest and smallest numbers 

  Mean  In  Statistics

How to find mean of numbers

Worksheet For Compare numbers

compare numbers to millions

Number pattern And Sequence

Find the counting pattern

Numbers In Word Form

write large numbers in words

Number Names In Math

Write numbers in word form

Place value Worksheet Pdf

Place value of decimal numbers

Place Value Free Worksheet

Place value numbers in millions

Scientific Notation  

Scientific notation worksheet

Ordering Of  Numbers

Find smallest number in groups

Expanded Form Of  Numbers

Standard of  the expanded form

Place Value Questions

Standard of place value form

From Words To Digits

Write numbers words in digits

From Roman To Arabic

Write Roman in Arabic form

From Fractions To Decimals

Convert fractions to decimals

Division Drill For Grade 5

Division table drill worksheet

Long Division Grade 5

Long  division of numbers

Long Division Grade 5

Long  division of numbers

 Grade 5 Division Worksheet

Division with remainder

Division Drills For 5th Grade

Division Circle Drill Pdf

Division  Missing  Value Worksheet

Complete division operations

Convert Decimals To Fractions

 How convert decimals fractions

 Grade 6 Worksheets On Multiplication

Factoring With Common Factors

Find greatest common factor

Multiples vs Factors

Find the lowest common factor

Find Multiples Of  Numbers

e.g: multiple of 4 ,  multiples of 6

Multiplication Box Method

How to do Multiplication box 

Multiplication Drill Game

 Circle drill multiplication

Multiplication Fact Families

Multiplication facts worksheets

Multiplication Properties

Multiplication using properties

Multiplication Word Problems

Multiplication in real situation

How to Multiply Decimals

Whole number times decimal

Prime Numbers List

Tell which are prime numbers

Multiplication Drill Game

Table drill multiplication pdf

Multiplying Decimals steps

How to multiply decimals

 Grade 6 Worksheets On Subtraction

Whole Number Subtraction

Subtraction worksheet Pdf

Subtraction Word Problems

Word problems in subtraction

Subtraction With Addition 

Subtraction to make a sum

Subtraction With Regrouping

Large number subtraction

Subtraction Problems

Practice adding and subtracting

Subtraction Of  Decimals

How to subtract decimals

Subtracting Multiple Digits

How subtract multiple numbers

Subtraction And Addition

Subtraction & addition workshet

Subtraction Of  Millions

Large numbers subtraction

Subtraction With Hidden Value