Multiples Of Ten Addition

Adding multiples of ten Game


Understand what multiples of ten by playing this game on multiples of ten. Adding numbers that are multiplied by ten. Has your child started solving addition problems? Is it time for them to advance to bigger numbers? Are you looking for something that can help them practice addition questions? Try our “Multiples of 10” games! The game has been designed for first-graders and allows them to practice adding multiples of 10.

Playing the game

The players are presented with questions that are displayed at the top and they must solve these questions to move on to the next question. If they fail to answer the questions, they have to start all over again. Question statements can be like “Add 10 + 40”. They have to choose the correct answer from the floating balloons and pop the balloon with the correct answer. Choosing the correct answer leads to scoring a point and the player advances to the next question.

The game also challenges the players to improve their hand-eye coordination and enables them to think more quickly. The graphics used for the game are bright and alluring, they have a refreshing effect on the players and keep them hooked enough to keep playing. Not only that the game is also available free of cost online. It doesn’t have to be downloaded meaning your device won’t be weighed down by it. Start playing with your kids now and be amazed by the results. If you like this game, please credit this website by linking back to it. Also feel free to check other relevant educational content for your young ones Here.

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