Addition 3 Numbers Game

Add Three Numbers Game


This is a game on 3 digits addition with regrouping, where kids learn how to adding mixed numbers. Is it time for your kids to move up their addition game? Are they proficient in handling two numbers? Are they ready to handle three numbers at once? If they are, we have something to make things easier for you. It is time for us to introduce our new “Three Numbers Game”!

Playing the game

The game juggles soccer with addition problems. The players answer addition problems displayed on the screen by choosing the correct answer from among the multiple options displayed. Upon choosing the correct answer, the players are awarded a point and can proceed to the next question. The question statements are something like this, “Solve 6 + 3 + 3” with options ranging from “12”, “13”, “18”, and “16”. With every correct answer, in this case, “12”, the player scores a goal, and the next question is displayed. The gameplay keeps the kids focused and allows them to practice in a way that is interesting and does not become tiring.

The game is completely online and only requires you to have an internet connection. There are no in-game purchases, and players can enjoy unrestricted access. Start playing with your kids now and help them traverse the road of knowledge. In case you decide to let your kid try this game, you will notice great improvement in his ability to add up three digit numbers. If you like this game, please credit this website by linking back to it. Also feel free to check other relevant educational content for you young ones Here.

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