Adding 4 To Other Numbers Game

Adding “4” to Numbers Game

Adding 4 To Other Numbers Game | This game teaches how to add 4 to other numbers | It is a mental math game for grade and grade 2. It’s so cool as a game.
What can make learning fun for kids? Could a game make them want to study without drifting off? We have combined math with gameplay to facilitate your child’s learning while they are having fun. With this Adding “4” To Numbers game that has been designed to help younger students like that of grade 1 or below, you can encourage your child to learn mental addition in no time. The players have to add 4 to a given number in the form of simple equations like “4 + 4 =? With options 8, 7, 6 and 1”, “2 + 4 =? With options being 6, 9, 7, and 3” to earn points. The player will lose or earn ten points depending upon the answer they have chosen. The eye-catching graphics, along with easy working, allow the kids to stay alert. The answers rain in the form of clouds from which your child must catch the correct answer. Each correct answer gets your child a point allowing him to move on to the next question. You do not even have to worry about purchasing the game since it is completely free. Introduce our game into your child’s routine now and watch them have fun while learning basic math.
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