Letting your kids access the gadgets is the biggest treat you can give to a child of this generation. However, making it educational yet enjoyable is your job. Math4champions understands the concerns of the parents and have introduced this absolutely exciting quiz for the kids going to kindergarten. It is as easy as adding two numbers up to 10 and it provides the much-needed comfort to the kids to play it as an online game while learning and improving their addition skills. It is absolutely free and allows retakes as many times a kid wants. Allowing a little bit of screen time to your kids is equally important as per the current times so that they do not miss out on the modern world technologies and start learning at an early age. The key is to make that screen time productive and knowledgeable for them. The fact that kids of this generation are more open to learning through digital gadgets rather than a book itself is why math4champions came up with this creative idea for your little munchkins. The two numbers addition quiz for kindergarten kids is available online and hence could be accessed anytime on any device i.e. tab, laptop, desktop, and smartphones, etc. The questions do not have any kind of a timer so as to let the kids take their time to guess the correct answer and submit them easily. The submitted answers are later available to review and the results are displayed in terms of scores and percentage. Kids at this age are excited to learn and explore things, boost up their excitement and assign a reward for each quiz. Let them bring out their competitive streak to achieve the reward/token of appreciation. Remember, whatever is learned at this age simply lives with a person forever.

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