Addition Soccer Game 1st Grade

Addition Soccer Game Grade 1


Addition Soccer Game 1st Grade This game teaches your kid how to do addition of number | 1 + 2 = ? is an example of activities offered for grade 1. Is your child learning to perform addition questions? Are you looking for a way to make it easy for him to understand and practice how to  solve  basic addition questions? Lucky for you, you ended up in the perfect place! Our Addition Game is aimed at Grade 1 students and helps them with the basic concepts of addition. To make things more interesting, we have integrated soccer as the theme for this game. The eye-catching graphics will captivate your 1st grade child. This captivation will allow your child to perform questions that they would usually find tedious in an enthusiastic manner. You can use this game to teach kids in both school and home-based settings. The player has to choose the correct answer from among the multiple options to progress to the next question. Such as 2+5=? And the options can be 8, 7, 3, 4. The player can keep going as long as they need to. More games can be found in mathplay4kids.com.

How this game actually works ?

Basic addition soccer game therefore relies on the concept that a character is placed on the game scenery which looks like a soccer game stadium with the ball in the centre and a goal keeper in front of the goals. When a math question on addition shows up in the question window , lets say for example 9 + 3 = ? four answering choices will be submitted to the players attention. As soon as the player hits the right answer, the character will then kick the soccer ball and score a goal. in the event where the player hits the wrong answer, there will be no goal meaning that the goal keeper will catch the ball and the game over screen will then pop up, meaning that the player would be required to take game one more time and strive to get as many right answers as possible. the more children practice math practice their math skill on this soccer addition game the more they will become fast thinkers, able to quickly solve basic math operations, raising the IQ thereby right form their early age.


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