Best Learning Games for children

The child’s pastime on a computer, smartphone, or tablet has become the subject of heated debate among parents. Most people think that it is better to do something useful than sitting at the screen of gadgets. The best solution is playing educational and developmental games.

There are lots of quality content that helps to develop useful skills such as logic, attention, motor skills, spatial thinking, imagination, as well as introduce letters and numbers, teach how to count, and combine concepts. Some of the best games are given below:

Games for Girls

The most popular games for girls are undoubtedly dress up games. With the help of your mouse, you can change your game character in an instant. You can choose a dress, shoes, hairstyle, and many accessories. Each girl can select outfits for cute beautiful princesses, Barbie dolls, fairy, and mermaids according to her taste. With the help of dress up games, little women of fashion will be able to experiment with choosing dresses on a computer screen. They can apply this knowledge to choosing clothes for them. In the ” Games for Girls ” section, each baby will learn how to take care of pets: puppies, dolphins, kittens, ponies, horses, birds. These simple games will teach girls to take care of defenseless animals, and will also help to have fun! Girls who want to help their mothers in the kitchen will enjoy cooking and decorating games. Little chefs will be able to cook various dishes online, get acquainted with the products that make excellent cakes, pies, sweets, and pastries. And when you make a dish, you can decorate it to your liking so that it becomes even more appealing or appetizing!

Games for Toddlers

These are a few games that are useful for toddlers:

  • Color Games: Color games for helpful for learning all the colors of the rainbow and other colors that the kid needs to know. Learning colors while playing is fun and exciting!
  • Geometric figures: The geometric games will introduce kids to simple geometric shapes that every preschooler needs to know. And funny characters will make the learning process even more fun and exciting.
  • Puzzles for toddlers: Simple puzzles for little girls and boys, consisting of 4-6 pieces, add up to cute colorful pictures. Puzzle games are the best assistant when introducing a child to a computer.
  • Logic games: You cannot neglect the importance of logic games. It contains simple game tasks for logic that are suitable for children 2-3 years old. Online games for young children will introduce the kid to the concepts of quantity, size, length, height, weight, and many others.
  • Coloring pages for kids: Kids will love the coloring pages for kids with their simple cute pictures and fun music. It is very easy to select colors because the palette consists only of paints suitable for the picture.

Cognitive Games

From a very early age, the children learn the world by exploring everything around them. That’s why developing cognitive games take the most critical place in a child’s life. They expand your child’s understanding of the world around them, teach the child to highlight and observe the characteristic features of objects (shape, size, color), and to establish the simplest relationships. Educational games-lessons will help the kid get ready for school. Cognitive games for preschoolers allow new things and also to apply the knowledge gained in practice. Such skills will become a source of successful training in the future.

Games for attention and memory

Attention games will require special perseverance and concentration from your child. In online games, the kid will have to search for hidden objects, find differences between pictures, match pairs, and identify unnecessary or identical objects. Also, during the game, your child will meet many other online tasks that will help him become attentive, smart, and teach him how to make the right decisions!

Memory is an essential type of mental activity. The development of which is necessary to begin at an early age, because a good memory will allow the child to better absorb the material in kindergarten and school. Educational memory games will be indispensable in training visual and auditory memory. Game tasks aimed at memorizing various information differ in their complexity, so you can always choose a game that suits your kid’s age. Games that develop attention and memory will help you, and your child have fun and usefully spend your free time!

Puzzles Games

Children of all ages love to guess riddles and decipher charades because it is not only interesting but also very useful! Such tasks help to expand horizons, develop thinking and imagination, train intelligence, logic, and intuition. To solve even the simplest children’s riddle, you need to know a lot about the world around you, be able to reason, and draw the necessary conclusions.

Children of primary school age will appreciate color puzzles. In these games, various words are encrypted using pictures, letters, numbers, and symbols. Solving puzzles, the child trains logical thinking, attentiveness, perseverance, and memory. Moreover, in such games, it is necessary to choose between words that are similar in meaning, thus getting acquainted with the synonyms of the same concept. And by entering your answer in the box, you can learn the correct spelling of words.

Math games

Teaching young children simple mathematical techniques is not an easy task. The introduction of mathematics to kids should take place in a fun and colorful atmosphere that can interest any, even the most restless child. And online math games will help in this. The games make it easy, fun, in a playful way to introduce the basics of counting, numbers, the concepts of more or less, and arithmetic operations. Solving problems in arithmetic games, the children get the additional motivation to find the correct answer. The kid seeks to receive a reward by winning the game, and new information is perfectly remembered in the gameplay. It is this unobtrusive, entertaining form, and not compulsory education, that helps the parents to ignite and support the preschooler’s interest in new useful material.

With our online math games, all kids will quickly learn how to add, subtract, count, and multiply! I hope these Best Learning Games for the children will help you to select the right online game for your child.

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