Compare Fractions With Same Denominator Game

Compare Fractions With Same Denominator Game

Compare Fractions With Same Denominator Game | Comparing fractions with unlike numerators is the main focus of this fractions math game for 3rd Graders.

What is a Fraction?

In Mathematics, we use a fraction to represent the part of the whole collection of an object or thing. It is a number which is less than one and which represents each equal part of the whole. A fraction always has 2 parts, namely numerator and denominator. They are divided with a line. The number on the top of the line is called the numerator. The number under the fraction line is called the denominator.

How to Compare Fractions

When we write compare fractions, we write them side by side. Later we add a sign between them. The sign is either less than or greater than or an equal to sign. Then we perform multiplication upon the numerator in the 1st fraction by the denominator in the 2nd fraction. Then we multiply once again, the numerator of the second fraction times the denominator in the first fraction. If the number next to the second fraction is greater than the second fraction is larger otherwise it’s the first one.

Comparing Fractions with the Same Denominator (Implementation)

It is very easy to determine the greater or the smaller fraction when the comparing fractions have like denominators. You just have to find the fraction with the bigger numerator. Here is how to compare fractions with the same denominator:

Firstly make sure that the denominators of given fractions are same. Then compare the numerators of said fractions. Now note that always, the fraction which has the larger numerator is the larger fraction. Now let us do an exercise to understand the concept better; Out of these four, which fraction is the largest one?

5/9, 4/9, 7/9, or 2/9? First we will confirm that the denominator is the same. Then we will compare the given numerators. After consideration, we will find that 7 is a greater number than 4, 5 and 2. Now we know that the answer to the question which is the biggest fraction is: 7/9 Please check out other relevant math resources for kids Here.

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