Comparing two fractions with large numerators and denominators

comparing two fractions with large numerators and denominators, which fraction is greater than the other fun games for kids in third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade.Comparing fractions with different numerators and denominators is something children struggle with a lot and it definitely demands constant practice. This quiz is specially offered for the students of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade students to make them familiar with the comparison of fractions where numerators and denominators are different. The quiz is designed in a way where children can compare and solve the given question without asking for help from a teacher or parent. It is a multiple-choice questions based quiz that offers unlimited retakes. The more the students take the quiz, the familiar he gets with the signs, fractions, and comparisons. Although the quiz is designed to be easy for the kids, it is highly recommended to keep a check on their solving techniques and help them if needed. The comparison of the fractions requires simplification of the numerator and denominator on both sides. Hence, it is recommended for the parents to teach the method on a notebook for initial questions and let the kids solve the rest of the questions on their own. Parents and teachers must teach the kids to solve the question and review their answers before submitting them to gain maximum points and pass with the best percentage. The comparison of the fractions comes with three multiple choice answers i.e. (>) greater than, (<) less than, or (=) is equal to. Solving this quiz also enables the students to learn the signs and their meanings as most of the time it’s highly confusing for the students, especially in 2ndand 3rd grade. The key is to make the method of fraction comparison and sign identification easy for the students. We highly recommend to make your kids to attempt this quiz daily so that they become proficient with the fractions and their comparisons. Go Here for More Quizzes

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