Cool counting game grade 1

Counting Game For Grade 1


This Online counting game targets first grade kids, who are struggling to improve their counting skills. Learning to count is a fundamental skill for any person. Teaching the kids how to count can be a long-drawn-out process. We have a way to make this process easier for both you and your child. Your child will start enjoying counting without any pressure from your side.
Our “Cool Counting Game” has been designed to be used by kids of the first grade. It allows them to practice and learn how to count. The game takes a unique approach by combining learning with soccer. The players are given questions that they have to answer correctly to score a point and proceed to the next question. Questions included in the game are like “What is the missing number?” with numbered pictures of an object.

Playing the game

One of the pictures has a question mark under it. The options are something like “1”, “3”, “4”, and “5”. With each correct answer, the player scores a goal. The combination of fun with learning is more stimulating for the players. Thus, improving their results. The game is completely free with no in-game purchases; this means that you are given unrestricted access to the game. The game can be used in both home and class-based settings. Introduce the game to your children now and observe the improvement your child shows.

Let your kid play this game, you will notice great improvement in his counting skills. If you like this game, please credit this website by linking back to it. Also feel free to check other relevant educational content for you young ones Here.

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