Counting bundles of ten

Count Groups of 10 Game


Counting tens math game for 1st grade. This Game helps year one kids to count ten, adding bundles of tens. Are you having trouble teaching your kids about the concept of tens? Do they have trouble dividing and counting stuff as groups of 10? Fear not! Our “Count Groups of 10” game is here to take care of all your counting worries!
The game utilizes animated graphics that have a backdrop of mountainous scenery.

Playing the game

The players are given multiple-choice questions that they have to solve to proceed to the next question. Question statements can be like, “How many groups of sticks are there?” with a picture of bundles of sticks. The options can be like, “2”, “30”, “4”, and “40”. The player has to pop the balloon with the correct answer to score a point and proceed to the next question. Failure to choose the correct answer results in the game being over, and the player will have to start all over again.

Besides learning how to count groups of tens, kids also learn to improve their hand-eye coordination and stay alert for extended periods. The game is available for access online without any charges. The game will allow kids to learn entertainingly without hampering their progress. Start playing now and see the results for yourself! If you like this game, please credit this website by linking back to it. Also feel free to check other relevant educational content for your young ones Here.

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