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Addition Money game online


This Money Game Online For Grade 1 help your kid learn how to do money addition, add and subtract money game for 1st graders. Learning the value of money and being able to count is important for any kid. However, it can be hard for kids to work out how money works. If you are having trouble teaching your kids how to count money, we have got just the right thing for you. Our “Count Money” game is guaranteed to get your kid correctly counting money in no time.

Playing the game

The game uses unique animated graphics to catch the player’s attention. The players are presented with questions for which they have to choose the correct answer. Question statements can be like “Count the money, what is their sum?” with pictures of two notes below them. The player has to choose the correct option from multiple options like “$45”, “$50”, “$65”, and “$55” which are displayed on top of floating balloons.

The player has to pop the balloon with the correct answer to proceed to the next question and keep playing.
The game not only tests the counting capabilities of the player but also tests their hand-eye coordination and attention span. The game is available online, free of any charges, and can be accessed anytime. Introduce this game into your kid’s classroom or home and see the improvement for yourself!

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