Counting can be very challenging for children when it comes to writing numbers in words. This cool math game for children in grade one, grade two and grade three allows children lean how to write numbers in word, under certain pressurized circumstances. After opening this page, when the play button is clicked, numbers start falling from the top of the game platform, children are therefore invited to quickly type the displayed number in words using the computer or smart phone keyboard. Slow typing players will see the falling number hit the bottom of the game platform which automatically ends the game for poor typing performance. This game math game for year two children as well as children in year 3 and year 4 attempts to address this issue. In other words, this game helps grade 1, grade 2, grade 3 and grade 4 children to ameliorate their counting and writing skills in the sense that math activities presented in this page is about writing numbers can be taken as many times as possible; children are encouraged to do this in order to increase their typing word counts. It therefore understood that this game doesn’t only help children learn how to write numbers in words, it also allows them to boost their typing skills. The more numbers are correctly written in words, the more the game speed increases making it more challenging thereby. First grade students might find this game more difficult than children in the second year and third year who enjoy more typing experience. In other words, children in year one or year two may need help from their parents or tutors for good performance and fast skills acquisition. This counting math game for children is extremely important for kids math learning because it allows both counting math skills acquisitions, and fast keyboard typing skills.





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