Divide And Multiply Money Game

Divide And Multiply Money Game

Math Game With Money For 3rd Grader is the focus of this page. What is a division or what is money multiplication game Performing accurate actions of Multiplication and Division with Money is a very important concept not just for the subject of Mathematics but also for practical life as money plays a vital role in our everyday life. Moreover, clear understanding of this concept will also allow children to use their money effectively.

Multiplication of Money

The rules of multiplication of money are not very different from the rules of multiplication of Whole numbers. In dealing with the money, the value is taken as decimal i.e decimal point is used to differentiate dollar from cents.


Always write the numbers with the larger amount of digits on the top. Whereas the smaller numbers goes down in the bottom. If your value does not have decimals than multiply as you do with any whole numbers. if there is a decimal point, count the number of digits on the right hand side of decimal and then put down the decimal point in the answer by starting from the right and then moving on to number of places which is equivalent to the sum of decimals in each of the multiplied numbers.

For instance, suppose you want to buy 11 candy bars for your friends for the school party. Each candy bar costs $5. To calculate how much money you need, you will put the higher number 11 first and then 5 beneath it. Now you multiply the given numbers. $11*5  = $55. For a number with decimal, example is as follows: 5*2.5=12.5

Division of Money

Dividing money is exactly the same as dividing any numbers. By this time, kids have plenty of exercise in dividing whole numbers so dividing money will be an easy task.

Implementation : expanded form of decimals

Suppose that you and your seven friends (8 kids in total) have collected 200 dollars from your lemonade stand. Now how much money does each one of you gets? Let’s see: $200 ÷ 8 = 25.

Now for an example with decimal, let’s say that you bought 10 notebooks for your new class. The total bill was $8.5. Now you are wondering how much was each notebook worth? Let’s see
$8.5 ÷ 10 = $0.85 or 85 cents.  Please credit this website by linking back to it. Also feel free to check other relevant educational content for your young ones Here.

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