Divide Multiples Of 10 Game

Divide Multiples Of 10 Game

What Is Multiples Of 10 Game for grade 3. Your kids will get acquainted with multiples of 10 by trying this fun game. This will be achieved by doing the division of 10 multiples.  A firm understanding of how “Multiples of Ten” work can help students in various mathematical operations.

What are Multiples of 10?

When an integer is multiplied by 10, its products are called “Multiples of 10”. These are the even numbers that can divided by ten and leave no remainder. They also are the numbers which have “zero” in the “ones” place. For example; 10,20,30,40 and so on.

Dividing the Multiples of 10

If a number ends with 0 then it is always divisible by 10. One rule to remember when dividing the multiples of 10 is to move the decimal point one place to the left. The decimal point, in simple words, is the dot which comes after the ones column. Decimal point shows us that the digits that come after this point are merely parts of a whole number.


A simple way to divide multiples of ten is to write down the given digits and move them either right or left across the columns of place value. Now remember that place value is the value of any digit which is based on its place or location in the given number. When you perform the division operation the number gets smaller and the digits move to right. Similarly, when you divide by 10, the digits move only 1 space to the right. Why? Because there is only one “0” in 10.

Thus to divide a multiple of ten, we first need to find a division fact, then look for the remaining zeros and then finally extract the number of zero left in the divisor from the number of zeros in the dividend. Your answer is the result of zeros in the quotient. For example: 5000÷500. There are 3 zeros in 5,000 and 2 in 500. If you follow the above explanation you will instantly arrive at the right answer which is 10.

Now suppose you want to divide a whole number by 1000. To solve this, copy your dividend as your answer and then make sure that it has three decimal digits. For instance;



 = 609.201

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