Dividing four digits numbers online games, division of 4 digits math quiz for children in third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade This quiz is for children. It helps teach children how to divide four-digit numbers without calculators. These numbers when divided may give remainders or not. It is easy for children to apply this knowledge, after acquisition in their normal day to day activities too. An example is when you’re asked to divide 4628 by 24, the divisor-24 is placed under the dividend-4728, considering the fact that the first digit is smaller than the divisor, we then consider the first 2 digits-46, since there is only one 24 in 46, you write down the 1, and the remainder- 22 aside. Since 22 is also not up to 24, you consider 22 and the 3rd digit, so you’re dividing 222 by 4, it continues in this manner until you get a whole number and sometimes with a remainder.

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