Expanded And Word Form Of Numbers Game

Expanded And Word Form Of Numbers Game


Expanded form in math game for third grade | This page holds math games to kids practice numbers and their expanded for. this math activity will be done by trying to find the missing digits within the expanded notation in the purpose to complete the expanded notation of numbers.  In Mathematics, apart from the standard form, there are two ways to represent a number; Expanded form and Word form.

Expanded Form

In the expanded form of a number we show the value of each number in a given digit. This helps us to understand the place value. Often in mathematical problems, it is important to find the place value because it determines the value of a digit based on its position in the given number.

In other words, to write a number in expanded form is to demonstrate the given number as the sum of the place value of each and every one of its digits.


To understand how to expand a number, let’s look at the following example. The number we need to expand = 455. The expanded form = 400+50+5. The number was taken apart based on its place value position. The 4 was in the “hundreds” place, the 5 was in “tens” place and the next 5 was in the “ones” place. Similarly, expanded form of 5670 would be 5000+600+70+0.

Word Form

Numbers can represented in the form of words as well. It is important to have the understanding and the ability to convert any digital number into words for efficient oral and written communication.


Converting small numbers into words is a very easy task. For example, 230 is “two hundred and thirty”. However, with a number such as 233 you will have to use a hyphen; “two hundred thirty-three.” If the first digit is in a hundred like 120, then you can simply write “a hundred and twenty” instead of “one hundred and twenty”. Writing the word form of a number with decimal points can be a bit complex. Suppose you have a number 4,393.692.

You will form a group of digits to the left side of a decimal point. This number in words would be; “Four thousand three hundred ninety-three point six hundred ninety-two thousand.” Some numbers might have periods in them. A period denotes the major place values of numbers like thousands, millions, billions and separates them into groups of three.

For example, 8,547,565,197.294426 can be written as “eight billion, five hundred forty-seven million, five hundred sixty-five thousand, one hundred ninety-seven point two hundred ninety-four thousand, four hundred and twenty-six millionths”.

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