1st Grade Math Quizzes


Adding 1 to other number math quiz

Basic addition skills are acquired in this quiz

Addition  2 to other numbers math quiz

Basic addition skills for first grade kids

Adding 3 to other numbers math quiz

Basic addition skills for fist grade kids

Adding 4 to other numbers math quiz

skip-counting by 4 is the focus of this quiz

Adding 5 to a number Online

skip-counting by 5 skills for first grade kids

Adding doubles math quiz

Doubles addition is the focus of this activity.

Multiples of 10 addition online quiz for kids

Ten’s multiples addition skills for kids in first grade.

Three numbers addition math quiz for first grade kids.

Adding Three Numbers is the focus of this Math Quiz

Word addition problems online math quiz

Real world addition problems for kids

Facts related addition activities for children

Matching related addition problems activity for children

Comparing numbers up to 100 online quiz

The use of greater than, less than and equal

Comparing numbers up to 10 online quiz

The use of less than, greater than and equal.

Word problems comparison math quiz for kids

The use of more than, less than math quiz

Counting by twos, threes, fives and tens online games.

determine what number comes after 10 counting by 2

Count forward and backward math games

Enhances counting skills for kids in first grade

A Hundred chart counting quiz for children

This improves children counting skills up to a hundred

Even and odd numbers online games for children

Distinguishing odd and even numbers is the focus here

Odd and even numbers illustrated games for kids

Odd-Even understanding by illustration game.

Number lines order online games for children

Improves First Grade children counting skills

Numerical sequences online quiz for children

Skip counting is the main focus in this quiz.

Ordinal numbers online games for children

Learning ordinal numbers math quiz for kids

Roman numeral online games for first grade kids

Matching numeral against roman numbers

Number spelling online games for children

Writing numbers in letter is the focused skill.

Number of shapes or object estimation math quiz for kids

Counting skills and shapes recognition

Fractions identification from shapes online games

Introduction to fraction fun game for children

Bar graphs interpretation online quiz for children

Reading bar graphs is the main focus in this quiz.

Graph data interpretation online quiz for first grade kids

Counting skills enhancement for children.

Length metric unit quiz for first grade children

Length Estimation in metric unit is the focus

Fahrenheit thermometer reading test for first grade kids

Reading Fahrenheit thermometer is the main skill in this quiz

Celsius thermometer reading test for first grade kids

Reading Celsius thermometer is the main focus in this quiz

Weight measurement units quiz for children

Weight object estimation is the main focus in this quiz

Addition and Subtraction mixed operation games for kids.

The use of more than and less than math quiz for kids

Addition and subtraction numbers sentences games

Basic addition – subtraction skills is the main focus here.

True or false addition and subtraction math questions games

Basic addition-subtraction skills are acquires here.

Mixed operations: adding and subtracting facts and signs

What is the sign for the addition/subtraction operation.

Currency amounts in words online quiz for kids.

Introduction to currency online games for kids.

Place value trivia test for kids – Tens or ones

Determining tens and ones in a given number is the focus here.

Mean, mode, median online test for first grade kids.

Introduction to statistics calculation mean, mode, median

Match shapes to everyday objects math games

Identifying shapes to related everyday objects

Geometry test on symmetry for first grade kids

Introduction to geometry/symmetry game for kids.

Ordering numbers math quiz for kids: greatest to least

The use of greatest and least is understood by taking this quiz.

Subtracting 1 from other numbers math test

Basic subtraction skills are acquired for first grade kids.

Missing numbers subtraction games for first grade kids

Advanced subtraction skills are acquired by taking this quiz.

Subtracting 1 from two digit numbers math test

Advanced subtraction skills are earned by taking this quiz.

Two digit numbers subtraction games first grade kids

Advanced subtraction skills are earned by kids here.

Facts related subtraction online quiz for first grade kids

Matching operations with same results is the challenged here

Quiz on subtraction word problems for first grade kids

Kids attempt to solve real world subtraction problems

Word problem subtraction math test for children.

Children strive to solve real world subtraction problems.

Days of the week online games for kids

This quiz helps children get familiar with days of the week.

Months of the year online games for children

Kids get familiar with months of the year in this quiz.

Interactive calendar reading games for children

Reading calendar is the main focus of this quiz.

Math quizzes for 1st grade children, Math Tests, 1st Grade Math quizzes, Interactive online math tests online for children in 1st grade. Practice math skills with children in class 1. Have fun learning math and reviewing math skills online.  A child’s friendship with mathematics begins when dad and mom buy him a pyramid, cubes, or puzzles. While playing with them, the child is not yet fully aware that he/she is already touching a very important and necessary science – mathematics. As a child grows up, the friendship with mathematics continues in the garden, school, and throughout life. Kids start learning important mathematical operations and concepts from the first grade. First-grade math is crucial as it helps in building one’s foundation in the subject. Teachers and homeschooling parents should use fun math activities like skip counting, basic addition and subtraction, measurements, and fact families while teaching their young ones. You can come up with your own fun activities as well. Some kids find it hard to grasp math. That’s why fun math activities are an effective way to show the subject’s relevance and practical use to the little kids. Making math more than just a problem-solving subject, the kids learn important concepts in an entertaining and more engaging way. Do you want your child to become friends with math? Then our “1st Grade Math Quizzes” are just for you! These quizzes can be used: in ordinary math lessons in grade 1; in open lessons; at home, for interesting leisure time and independent study of mathematics. No matter what school your first-grader goes to – a regular or private, our quizzes for grade 1 will help you quickly improve your child’s academic performance by developing useful skills that allow your child to solve examples without hesitation.We group all tasks for grade 1 in mathematics into sections. You will be able to assess how well your first grader knows addition and subtraction within 10, as well as move on to more difficult tasks with the transition through tens. After each quiz, you receive a result. To form a sustainable skill, it is necessary to pass the same test several times; only in this case, the skill will be consolidated and brought to automatism. School teachers may also be interested in the interactive math quizzes for grade 1. It is based on modern technologies, does not require lengthy training, and is available to everyone. Based on the results of testing, you can easily determine which of the students needs additional training. So, if mathematics cause difficulties for your child in the first grade, our quizzes for grade 1 will help to cope with this problem and lay the foundations for future solid knowledge thanks to a unique methodology for developing sustainable numeracy and writing skills. to develop computational skills, develop logical thinking, imagination, intelligence, disclosure of individual creative abilities and cognitive interests of each child, uniting the classroom through play, developing students’ erudition, the ability to work individually, and under the supervision of adults. 1st Grade Math Quizzes are important so that children: will be able to quickly and easily learn all the numbers and learned to count; realized that mathematics plays a huge role in life; learned to solve simple problems, multiply, add, subtract and compare, etc.  Mathematical concepts are the most important integral part of science and the subject of mathematics. Children do not remember all the rules and definitions well. They constantly leaf through the textbook in search of the desired concept. The proposed material,  which summarizes the knowledge gained by children in grade 1,  is distinguished by its clarity, brevity, and systematization. This allows schoolchildren to memorize the necessary information faster and better. Our online math quizzes build the foundations of mathematical knowledge, skills, and abilities. It is in the first years of education that children learn the basic techniques of oral calculations. Therefore, it is very important to pay special attention to practising these skills. The quizzes present all types of tasks on all topics of the school curriculum in mathematics for grade 1: numbers and quantities, addition and subtraction as well as – finding the values ​​of mathematical expressions, comparing mathematical expressions, solving equations, solving problems. The list of mathematics topics for grade 1 includes the study of numbers up to 100, basic arithmetic operations and comparisons, the study of a point, ray, segment, line, time, mass, and length. The students learn to perform actions of a numbering nature: 15 + 1, 18 – 1, 10 + 6, 12 – 10, 14 – 4. Moreover, they have the opportunity to learn the name, even and odd numbers, and the result during addition and subtraction, find the value of the unknown component in the addition and subtraction record. In addition to the basics of arithmetics, the 1st-grade quizzes include basic information from geometry. Basic geometric concepts are studied, such as point, ray, segment, line, etc., as well as the simplest geometric shapes. With the help of our online activities lessons, the children get acquainted with the basic units of measurement of time, mass, and length. Both parents and teachers can use these materials. So get the little ones started on our easy class 1 math activities and watch them grow to love the subject! Have fun learning math and reviewing math skills online. All tests are free and do not require registration on the site.

First Grade Math Quizzes | Cool Math Games For Kids

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