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Fractions as parts of a whole and components of a set are introduced in our grade 2 fraction online game. Online games are often played for entertainment, but they may now also be developed for academic purposes. We have a variety of online math games that supplement mathematics and demonstrate its principles in a way that students of all grade 2 can simply understand and carry out the mathematic concepts.

What Is Fraction In Math?

Fractions are equal-sized chunks of a whole or a set of things. When we split anything into equal pieces, each portion becomes a fraction of the total. Fractions can be used to represent parts of a set or collection. Fraction derives from the Latin word “fractio,” which means “to break.”

Example Of Fraction

Let’s consider  a group of 12 children, where 8 are girls and 4 are boys. In this example,  The fraction or the proportion of girls expressed as 8/12, meanwhile the proportion representing the boys is 4/12. Simplifying a fraction is the process reduce a fraction to the lowest term. Considering the example above, 2/3 in the lowest term or the simplified expression of the 8/12 fraction, meanwhile 1/3 is the simplified version of the 4/12 fraction.

 Fraction Notation

A fraction is made up of two components. The numerator is the number at the top of the line. It defines the number of equal parts picked from the full collection or whole. The number below the line is known as the denominator. It represents the total number of equal parts in a collection. Fractions do not form when pieces of a whole are split unevenly. You can teach a youngster about fractions by utilizing real-life things such as cake, pizza, or chocolates, and then asking him to divide them into equal portions to share with his friends.

Types Of Fraction

Unit Fractions

Fractions whose numerator value has 1 are called unit fractions. 

Improper Fractions

The numerator of an improper fraction is more than or equal to the denominator.

Proper Fractions

Proper fractions are those in which the numerator is smaller than the denominator.

 Mixed Fractions

A whole number and a proper fraction make up mixed fractions. Fractions are non-whole numbers that mean exactly what they sound like: a fraction of a portion of something bigger. You probably didn’t understand the value of learning fractions when you first started, but did you realize that fractions are so valuable that you already utilize them in your daily life?

You’re waiting for the few remaining things to go on sale, and as soon as they do, you run down to the store. The store, instead of being tagged with a new price, has a large sign that reads: All products are presently 75% discounted. This sounds fantastic, but there’s no way to determine if you have enough money without performing some mathematics. The simplest way to get started is to remember that 75 percent equals 3/4 of the cost of each item.

What about while you’re in the kitchen? Have you ever wished to double a cookie recipe so that you could eat extra cookies? How about telling the time? Fractions are used commonly in daily life. Traditional learning techniques are often incapable of holding the kid’s interest, and as a result, the chapters seem to be boring to kids. Our free online math games make learning arithmetic fun and simple for all kids, no matter where they are in their math journey.

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