Fraction worksheets pdf downloads


Fractions are another topic in mathematics that kids should know something about at their age. It will be useful for them all through their education and life. To get the basic understanding of fractions, kids are therefore advised to go through these sets of questions with the aid of their teachers. Below are some of the aspects of the fraction worksheet for grade 2, grade three, grade four and grade five kids. Similar to division, fractions are something that the kids are going to encounter throughout their practical lives. Hence it is highly important to teach them the concept of fractions at an early age. To make the process easy and enjoyable, math zone 4 kids have gathered some sets of questions that will help both the students and teachers in an appropriate way. So, let’s have a look at the fraction worksheets being offered on this page. The first topic is quite a basic addition of fractions worksheet, where all the students are required to do is add up the two given fractions having the same base. So, this is a relatively easy task and serves as a warmup. Then comes the part where students are required to compare the given (proper and improper) fractions displayed in two different groups. It helps in making them understand the greater and smaller fractions so as to proceed with the concept of completing equivalent fractions where an equation has fractions on both sides and one of them is incomplete. Students are required to find the missing number and complete the equation. Once they become familiar with the fractions, they can move up with the conversion of fractions to decimals. Here, the previous division worksheets would prove to be a guide, and using that experience, students will be able to convert the given fractions into decimals. Another section is dedicated to the division of fractions. It is not like adding simple numbers therefore, we advise the teachers to let the students perform these calculations under their supervision. The students are required to perform division on the given fractions either with whole numbers or simple fractions as asked in the question and give the answer in the form of fractions as well. You will also go through the worksheets that require finding the equivalent missing number from the other fraction as well as fraction identification grid colouring. Where the students would be attracted to the colourful grids that are supposed to be counted and the answer must be provided in the form of fraction i.e. total number of colourful grids and plain grids. Similarly one of the worksheets includes shading out the required fraction in the grids. An entire section is dedicated to arithmetic operations i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of improper fractions. Where students are required to perform the required arithmetic operation on the two fractions. For example, multiplying two fractions together, simplifying the fractions, and subtracting the smaller fraction from the greater one, etc. These activities must be performed under the teacher’s guidance so as to make it easy and fun for the kids.

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