Geometry Math Game For Grade 1

Geometry Math Game  Grade 1

Geometry Math Game For Grade 1 | This is a geometry game for 1st grade, where kids will learn different geometry shapes and tell how may corners and sides.
Are you looking for a way to make it easier for your kids to recognize geometrical shapes? We have got news for you! Now you can achieve that with just a game!
Our free Geometry Game has been designed for Grade 1 students and allows them to test themselves on their knowledge of geometry in a fun manner. The game tests the player’s reflexes as well as hand-eye coordination by having them catch the correct answer in a basket as it falls. Catching the correct answer results in points. However, if the player catches the wrong answer, they will lose points. Have the kids play the game and test themselves with questions such as, which shape has 4 sides? The options appearing in the form of clouds may include, triangle, hexagon, square, or rectangle.
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