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Problem-solving in mathematics is not just about the number analysis, but year two, year three and year four students have to deal with the calculations involving different shapes, this aspect is termed as geometry. On this page grade two, grade three, grade four and grade five children will be able to find worksheets having different topics covered in geometry, some of the topics are given below: There are exercises on calculating the area. Thus this is circle area calculation worksheets for year two, year three and year four children. in this exercise kids will find out the circumference of the circle, the teacher can give them the fair idea regarding the exercise and they should be evaluated on the basis of their performance. Another topics include finding the perimeter and area of equilateral triangles thus triangle perimeter and area calculation worksheet for grade two, grade three, grade four and grade five students. This part has some triangles, kids are expected to find out the area and the perimeter of those triangles, this sounds easy, but this is not, so the teacher can assist them once and rest can be done by the students. This page also offers worksheets for finding the area of circles with diameter values – From various given circles, students are required to find out the area of the circles using the diameter, this can be done by specific formula so one should teach the formula before the kids attempt the section. Then comes the topic of finding the area of a rectangle. This section has a list of different rectangles, the students will find out the area and must provide the answer in the given space. Another part offers to find the volume of cubes. Under the teacher’s guide, students will find out the volume of cubes that are provided in this section. The teacher can do one for them, rest could be done by the students. Then comes the calculations for finding the volume and area of cylinders, cone, and rectangular prisms. For different shapes, there are different formulas, when it comes to finding out the area or volume. The teacher needs to help the students in identifying the correct formula for correct shape. You will also be able to go through a section dedicated to the measurement of inner and outer angles. Most of these are found by subtracting the known angle from 360. Kids could also use a compass to work with angles. They must be guided for it. Moreover, other worksheet topics include isosceles triangle perimeter and area. When a triangle has two equal sides it is called an isosceles triangle. In order to find out its area and perimeter, students need to apply the correct steps and formula. The measurement of the rectangles is supposed to be done with the scale/ruler. A section is dedicated to finding the perimeter and area of a parallelogram. This section has different parallelograms, kids will find out the area and perimeter of these parallelograms, also another section is associated here, where students will find out the area of random shapes. As well as sides and vertices of polygons where students are supposed to identify and determine the sides and vertices of the polygons. Once the students get familiar with the shapes, there comes the topic of measuring the lines with a ruler. A number of lines are drawn in this section, students are supposed to measure the line segments with the help of a ruler. However, the teacher is obliged to check the measurements. Another section covers the Pythagoras theorem that is the most common way of finding out the third side of the triangle, students will use this to find out the third side of the triangle.

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