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Graphs fall in the category of one of the most important topics in Mathematics and it is nearly impossible to pave the way through math problems without learning the concept of plotting and reading graphs. This page offers numerous graph worksheets based on a simple and complex analysis of graphs and is definitely an ideal choice to make year one, year two, year three and year four students familiar with the concept of different types of graphs. Let’s have a look at the grade one grade two, grade three and grade four children activities being offered on this page. To introduce the concept of bar graphs worksheet for year two three, four and five, kids may find different worksheets on this page.

  • Graphs

A graph is an illustrative representation or a figure of data and values which helps them to be represented in an organized and understandable manner. Graphs use points to display the relationship between two or more things. The four basic types of graphs include:

  • Bar Graph
  • Line Graph
  • Histogram
  • Pie Chart

This page focuses on two of these types i.e. Bar Graphs and Line Graphs . As the name indicates, in a bar graph we represent the grouped data into vertical or horizontal bars. Where the horizontal i.e. x-axis is used to display the categorical data and the vertical i.e. y-axis is used to display the discrete data. For example,  Let’s assume we have conducted a survey about the 50 students’ favorite academic subjects and below are the results:

Math’s – 15
Science – 10
General Knowledge – 5
Grammar – 25 . We will represent the data in a bar graph as follow:

  • Line graph

Yet again, as per its name, a line graph represents the change using the points and lines. The data is placed as points on a graph and then joined with a line to depict change over time. Two variables are placed on the horizontal (x-axis) and vertical (y-axis) to show the correlation between them in an organized manner.

For example,  Depicting change in the grades of a student’s academic year.

Slope Intercepts: The equation for slope intercept form is y=mx+b where m indicates the slope and b indicates the y-intercept. When plotting the graph on an x-y coordinate plane we can use this linear equation.

For Example, Y =3x+4 :

Cartesian Coordinates: A system where we uniquely specify each point using a pair of numeric coordinates is known as a Cartesian coordinates system. These numerical coordinates indicate the distances from two fixed perpendicular sloping lines to the point. In this system, we plot the points on a graph using an equation that is established on the x and y axes.

For example,  4x+y = 4. The worksheets topics covered on this page include:

  • Bar Graph
  • Line Graph
  • Cartesian Coordinates
  • Finding points in Cartesian Coordinates System.
  • Plotting Cartesian Coordinates in a single quadrant.
  • Graph lines in slope intercept form
  • XY Graph Paper

Teachers are required to explain the usage of lines and boxes on a graph paper so as to make it an easy and engaging start for the students. Some of the worksheets also allow the students to draw bar graphs by plotting the given values. These worksheets must be completed under the supervision of a teacher so the students get a strong grip on the basics. Then comes the section for finding the points of Cartesian coordinates. First of all, the students must know that these coordinates consist of two different arrows drawn in perpendicular to each other where the horizontal arrow represents the x-axis and the vertical arrow represents the y-axis. Teachers must explain the concept of a double quadrant graph i.e.

The positioning of positive and negative points so as to proceed with the point plotting on a graph. Some of the worksheets also ask the students to locate the points in a single quadrant graph having the positive sides only making it easier to understand. As you proceed, you will find the worksheets based on slope-intercepts i.e. plotting lines on a graph by applying the given equation. However, to make it easy for the students to learn about the different types of graph papers used for particular types of graphs, there are different worksheets offered on this page. Once the students are able to differentiate between graph papers, they can proceed with plotting and drawing lines on a graph as per the requirements of the questions.

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