Health Benefits Of Homeschooling

A person’s health is influenced by his lifestyle, nutrition, basic activities and hobbies. In the life of a child, education in one form or another takes a lot of time. Therefore, the way this process takes place directly affects all aspects of his /her health. In this article, I want to address the question of how homeschooling and health are related.

The benefits of home education are evident in all aspects of life. Usually, speaking about health, we mean its physical side.  Whether a person is hardy, he/she has strong immunity, often remains sick, has good posture, vision, internal organs are working well, etc. However, since a person exists not only in the physical dimension but also in the mental, social and spiritual dimension. So, it would be correct to consider his/her health in all these aspects. For discussing these things in details, let’s discuss the health benefits of homeschooling in details:


Homeschooling Impact On Physical Health 

The following are a few physical health benefits of homeschooling:

Daily Routine

The children have the opportunity to adhere to their own daily routine (get up at a convenient time, do not use the alarm clock; with the help of their parents, and then independently, draw up a schedule of activities and rest, change it as needed, etc.)

Healthy Diet

The children have the opportunity to adhere to a healthy diet. They can eat when they want, and not at one time, defined for the whole class. They have enough time for food, and not rush to “chew” something quickly during a short break. Moreover, they can eat quality products chosen to their taste by their parents. We can say it is ultimately impossible to control the quality and choice of products in the school cafeteria.

To Move Freely

The children can move freely, while at school, they spend hours sitting at a desk. As a result, they face many problems with posture, vision, and energy emissions. In homeschooling, the child has a lot of free time – for walks in the fresh air, friends, attending clubs, reading, games, trips, free activities.


Homeschooling Impact On Mental Health

These are the few mental health benefits of homeschooling. I will give examples from elementary school that are closer to me.

Mental Burden

In schools, the children learn new and challenging skills for them (in particular, reading and writing) within a short school timing. At the same time, perseverance and success in this matter (load on the psyche) are expected from them.

Although the requirements for mastering the program are the same for both schoolchildren and children at home, the mental burden is significantly less at home. Parents and the children themselves can adjust this load by the individual characteristics and needs of the child. Also, a child who sleeps and eats on time and calmly is not limited in movement and fresh air.  He/she will be much more resilient to activities that are not easy for him/her in the school. Fresh air and free movement can boost the cognitive skills of the students, and make them able to learn things fast.

Less Effectiveness of Training

The need to adjust to the general pace of completing assignments (rushing to catch up with the class if the child is slow or bored in pauses, if, on the contrary, is fast) is also severe mental stress for the child. As a result, the effectiveness of any training is reduced – a disproportionate amount of time is spent on mastering simple information. It is “exhausting” and reduces the pleasure of one’s achievements. With homeschooling, the pace of mastering the material and its complexity is more convenient for a child.

Comfort and Confidence

In homeschooling, the children feel psychological comfort and confidence. The medium of training continues in a family environment – a familiar and comfortable place and relations for them. A child does not spend a huge amount of energy on building forced relationships with a large number of not always necessary and pleasant people – adults and children.


Homeschooling Impact On Spiritual Health

Now we will discuss the benefits of homeschooling on the spiritual health of a child:

Development of Conscious Worldview

The age of 6-7 years for the children is the age when they begin to develop a conscious worldview, a certain attitude towards the world, people, life events. Naturally, the source and basis of his worldview are their parents and family. It seems to be extremely important that during this period, the child’s picture of the world was understandable, holistic and consistent, supporting, not destructive, harmonizing, and not introducing dissonance into their lives. Later, the grown-up children can revise, criticize and abandon the worldview of the parents. Still, even for this, they need an initial basis that can be criticized and revised.

Spiritual Battle with School

Attending school, the child not only masters certain knowledge and skills but also absorbs the existing worldview attitudes. These are outdated, non-life attitudes, often in conflict with family attitudes. The need to adapt to constantly arising contradictions takes a lot of mental strength and energy from the children. Trying to find a compromise, the children get used to lying first to others, then, imperceptibly, to themselves.

Some children do not accept compromises and lies, they try to fight with the school for their beliefs, but they have no chance of winning, and there are a lot of chances to suffer in this fight. I am sure that the spiritual battle with the school cannot be won, so it should not be involved at all. Most schoolchildren feel this and, trying to preserve themselves somehow, make compromises, lies, etc. It turns out to be a vicious circle.

Free Time and Peace of Mind and Feelings

Only at home, under the spiritual protection of the parents, the children get the opportunity not to fight the system directly. What do the children get? First of all – free time and peace of mind and feelings. The time and the right attitude bring the children to important questions, which they can think over and express themselves or turn with them to their parents. Their worldview is formed gradually without rough interference from the outside.


Finally, I would like to say that for all the attractiveness of the results of homeschooling described here, this is a difficult path. In the early years of life, the parents should pay more focus on the physical, mental, and spiritual health of their children by providing them homeschooling. There are lots of activities, quizzes, and games available at https://mathzone4kids.com that can be useful for homeschooling.


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