Homeschooling In The Pandemic Context

Because of the coronavirus, life has changed dramatically: schools are introducing remote education, parents work from home.

If you have never worked from home or studied from home before, you should know this is not easy. But when you practice, you will increase the skills of self-organization, self-discipline, and self-sufficiency. They will help you learn better, please the employer, and generally make life easier. Everything can be adjusted so that it is comfortable to improve academic performance and still communicate with the school.

How to ensure quality learning when first enrolled in distance learning? How to organize your time? And how to maintain concentration and not panic? In this article, we will share some tips for both students and parents for homeschooling in the pandemic context.

Some Key Rules to Help Maintain Effectiveness During Homeschooling In The Pandemic Context

The following are the few tips for the students:

Reduce distraction

The first rule of homeschooling is to stay away from distractions for at least two or three hours a day, especially in memorization and creative projects. The brain should not be switched from the main task. You should try to sit down and work on the given projects as consistently as possible.

One of the worst pitfalls a new homeschooling student will fall into is not focusing and giving attention to their work as they should so. The classroom limits inevitable distractions. It would help if you switched off or silent your gadgets because a single distracting text or message is enough to rip off half an hour of your hard work.

Plan your time wisely

Those who do not have much experience in the remote study may feel to get the job done at the last moment. We have a helpful tip for you: don’t do so. It’s best to get work done as early as possible. By waiting till the last hours, you probably will not get a sympathetic hearing from your teacher.

Tell your roommates, friends, and family members that your work deserves a significant investment of your time, concentration, and consistency.

You should know what tools you need

You may need to figure out which tools and technologies can be helpful to you.

Many schools have a course management application, such as Canvas. It means that it is likely that you will be able to do most of your work on your cell phones.

Other schools require you to use a PC – especially for the tests and exams. You should pay attention to warnings about the browsers you are using – not all browsers are compatible with every online course.


If you’ve never had an experience of distance learning, you might find it challenging to understand the assignments. Schools also give group projects to the students even if you can’t meet the classmate.

Use this time to improve your online communication skills. If you are unsure about any topic, send a message to your teacher. Try to do this immediately, which shows you are an active student. 

Ask for clarification after explaining your problem. Try to keep the explanation simple, clear, and short because the instructors have to answer many other students.  If your class has any message board or forum, be sure to go there and check, as other classmates are facing the same problem – or only you have figured it out.

Use collaborative software for collaboration

The MS Office app works on both mobiles and computers, allowing your contribution anywhere. Almost all the students receive the same homework or assignments, but it becomes difficult to track who did what. For avoiding multiple versions of the same work, many Softwares allow various students to work together on the same project. Google is on the top by offering many free tools such as Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Drive. MS Office365 also provides a collaborative version.

The course management system of your school may also have collaborative features that can be useful for you.


Don’t worry too much about the problems and changes that arise. Every day The situation changes rapidly, and everyone learns through the experience. Better to accept the situation and settled your life accordingly. Cooperative with the teachers and manage your time wisely, in the way you can adapt to whatever comes your way.

Some Tips for Parents During Homeschooling In The Pandemic Context

Education does not stop even if your child stays at home due to the COVID-19. You are your child’s first and most important teacher!

This is an opportunity for you to participate in your child’s education. There are many ways that parents can support their children to compensate for the lack of knowledge that children acquire in school. Here are some tips for parents:

  1. Make a daily schedule for the whole family. Help your child manage time between study and rest, and don’t forget creativity and sports.
  2. Online learning increases the child’s online time. But allow him/her to use gadgets in his spare time. Try to find a balance together.
  3. Pay attention to children’s online interests. Discuss topics of concern together. It will give you more opportunities to shield your children from harmful content.
  4. Safety comes first: explain to your child that you cannot open the door of the apartment to strangers and how to protect yourself from the virus. Explain how to behave in an emergency.
  5.  Remind your child to exercise between classes, play sports together.
  6. Don’t forget about proper nutrition—three main meals – and three “healthy” snacks a day.
  7. Broaden your horizons: set aside half an hour a day to search for interesting things actively. The Internet is a storehouse of information; discoveries are guaranteed for you.
  8. Use free time to communicate with your child.
  9. Read together, watch movies, put on a family show, or make a family album.
  10. Help each other. Children will help you explore the possibilities of the digital environment, and you will help them filter content.

The quarantine will end, the virus will go away, and the skills and knowledge that you gain during this time will remain forever.

Be healthy, take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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