Math Astronaut game is addressed to children in second grade, third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade this game helps students focus on more than one challenge item simultaneously. By using the navigation buttons on the keyboard, players are required to move the astronaut left right up and down to hit the right math answers, while striving to avoid numerous flying obstacles pertaining the moving path of the astronaut. This is thus an obstacle avoidance math game.The speed of the game increases as more right answers are being provided. Players can compare each other’s answers to determine the winner.

Math Astronaut is by far the most enjoyable yet educational game a person will get to play on Math4champions. Even though the game is supposed to be addressed to the students of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade, it is extremely fun for adults as well. Students in year three, year four or year five are also invited to play this game. Along with the math expertise, it requires the right judgment skills and entire focus on the game as you get to handle more than one challenge at the same time. So, as per the name, there is this Astronaut who is controlled by you. You are given a question to solve with 4 possible answers, you got to choose the correct one by moving the astronaut right, left, up, and down using the navigation keys on the keyboard. Meanwhile, there are obstacles that you have to dodge and reach the correct answer. The level of Math astronaut depends on your choice i.e. the grade of the student. It comes with the following options: Easy = Addition and Subtraction, Medium = Division and Multiplication, Hard = Mixed questions (Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction). The Math Astronaut game is designed in a way where students are required to focus on more than one challenge item simultaneously which improves their multitasking skills and prepares them for certain complex problematic situations. The flying obstacles are thrown at the path of the astronaut so that students become aware of how to tackle those hurdles while flying and landing at the correct time in the correct direction i.e. towards the right answer. Moreover, the speed intensity of the game increases as the game proceeds and score upsurges with the right answers. So basically, all in all, it is a super addictive game of math, judgment, attentiveness, and a lot of focus which is ideal for students of third grade and beyond.

Math Astronaut Game | Astronaut Math

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