Math tests on Proportions

Math tests on Proportions, fractions and ratios that are equal balance, activities on proportion for students in fifth grade, and sixth grade. Proportions are fractions and ratios that are of equal balance. Proportions only increase in value but the equality does not change. For example, 2:5 is equivalent to 5:10 or 1/3= 2/6 and so on. This quiz would present interactive or sentential problems which would require the learner’s logical reasoning of equality. This quiz helps to create actual situations where proportional thinking would be of great advantage. The learner has to have an understanding of fractions and ratio which would be likened to other fractions and ratios of equal weight. This quiz could be given in the classroom setting and also the home setting but, the learner would need to relate this proportion quiz to actual situations where the knowledge would come in handy. Go Here for More Quizzes

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