Measurement Math Worksheets pdf printable

Measurement is an important aspect not only in mathematics but in our entire lives. We get to experience measuring a lot of things in our lives and hence learning measurement must begin early at school.

Measurement is the key to a proper and organized way of doing anything in life not only in mathematics but in general. We have gathered some of the amazing measurement worksheets to make it easier for the kids to understand the concept and method of measurement and conversions to cherish its importance later in life.

Nowadays it has become quite easy to use google and perform conversions within seconds, but one must be aware of the methods of conversions and save themselves from embarrassment where google and the internet are not an option. The only key to getting a firm grip on the measurements is to repeatedly attempt these worksheets and solve them beginning at an early age.  The following topics of measurements are available on this page:

Convert Centimeters to Millimeters – 1 cm equals 10 mm. The simple way of conversion is to multiply the given cm value by 10. These worksheets are simple once you know the formula of conversion.

Convert from Feet to Meters – 1 foot equals 0.30 meters. The formula is to divide the given numbers by 3.28 to get an approximate result.
Convert from Meters to Feet – Reversing the above method, the simple way of this conversion is to multiply the given value by 3.28 to get an approximate result.

Convert Units Inches Feet Yard – The formulas are as follows and students are required to apply these formulas as per the requirement of the question to fill in the missing blanks. 1 yd. = 3 ft, 1 yd. = 36 in.

Reading A Thermometer Degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit – A doctor or non-doctor, everyone must know how to read a thermometer both in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit just in case of an emergency. There are three different worksheets for reading a thermometer in both units and shading the temperatures to make it easier for students to learn and understand the method of reading temperatures at home.

Temperature Unit Conversions Degrees Celsius Fahrenheit – Once they learn the method of reading a thermometer they will learn and practice the method of converting Degree Celsius to Fahrenheit through a separate worksheet where they have to apply the formula and perform a little calculation to get the answer. The formula is as follows: Since, 0oC = 32oF ; (0°C × 9/5) + 32 = 32°F

Math Zone 4 kids is introducing Measurement worksheets for the students of grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. These worksheets are an overall power pack Startup to enter the world of measurement techniques and get a grip on the concept.

To begin with, the basic conversions leading towards the conversion of temperature these activities are designed in a way where kids get to learn about unit measurements easily. So, let’s scroll down and have a look at the measurement activities being offered on this page.

Apart from the SI units, they use different units to represent the length/width/height/weight in different departments around the world and that is why one must have the knowledge of the unit conversions. You will find separate worksheets based on the basic conversion that starts with the activity of converting centimeters into millimeters, feet into meters, meters into feet, and units’ inches feet yard, etc. All these conversions must be taught by the teacher and it is highly recommended to make your kids solve these worksheets under your supervision as it requires a little help. Once your kids are able to convert these units and perform opposite conversions, they can proceed with the next section. Then comes the section which is dedicated to make your kids pro in reading a thermometer.

Separate worksheets are available for reading the thermometer in Degree Celsius and Fahrenheit. However, it is recommended to provide thermometers to your kids and make them locate certain points on the thermometer so as to make it easy for them to solve the given worksheets.

To make things enjoyable, you will find worksheets divided into three parts having thermometers drawn on them. Students are required to read the temperature using their experience from the previous worksheets and shade out the written temperatures. Yet again, teachers are required to make them practice these activities under their directions. Once the kids become familiar with reading the temperature on the thermometers, they will see the section for temperature unit conversion i.e. Degree Celsius and Fahrenheit from one unit to another.

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