Money And Consumer Math Worksheets pdf

No matter what field the students aim to pursue in their lives, sooner or later they will eventually get to experience money calculation. Math Zone 4 kids have arranged the best sets of worksheets to let the students learn about the rudiments of money calculation. So that your kids understand the basics and get prepared to encounter the financial aspect of life. You will find a number of educative activities on this page starting with the worksheets for calculation of annual compound interest. Teachers are advised to teach the formula for calculation and let the kids attempt these questions for a better understanding. Then comes the section dedicated to the activities of finding a solution to daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and semi-annually compound interest with the use of the required formulas. Teachers are advised to teach the relevant formulas and make the difference clear so as to minimize the confusion for the students. This activity helps students in learning the basics of calculating financial interest on a daily, monthly, weekly, quarterly, and semi-annual basis, and getting a stronger grip on the concept would definitely help them in their practical lives. Once they learn the concept of calculating compound interest they can proceed with the activity of calculating simple interest. Unlike compound interest worksheets, the worksheets available for simple interest are quite easier and they will find it easy to solve the worksheets available for calculating daily wages as well. Kids are often taught counting numbers at an early age and hence the worksheets available for counting money coins and currency notes would be way easier for them. Once the counting worksheets are completed you can make the kids proceed with the activities available for expressing currency values in words which is definitely a great help for their future practical lives. To step up the learning game you will find the word problems worksheets available on this page that explains the real-world shopping calculations including Addition, Subtraction, Division, and Multiplication. Parents are advised to make their kids shop little things themselves so as to let them have a powerful grip on the shopping calculations.

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