Number Line Worksheets pdf printable


Performing calculations using a number line is a practice that the kids must learn at an early age as they will get to encounter a lot of it in near future. Considering the fact, Math Zone 4 kids has taken the charge of introducing wonderful worksheets to make the students in year one, year two, year three and year four learn about the number line concept. You will find worksheets having a number line i.e. a straight horizontal line consisting numbers placed at intervals regardless of the measurement. The idea is to teach students the concept of calculating through number lines and manufacture some instruments. Learning number lines for grade one, grade two and grade three and grade four students is important because it helps in performing some calculations in mathematics as well as other subjects. Let’s have a look at the number line worksheets offered on this page. These worksheets cover learning to count in 2s, 5s, and 10s. Starting with the number lines with decimals 10 points, students will be shown the line having decimal 10 numbers and they will be asked to find and position the correct points of the given decimals on the displayed number line. Another section consists of number lines with fractions 1 and 2 where the lines are drawn with fractions and students are asked to locate the points of the given fractions on the number line shown. Teachers are required to provide complete assistance as dealing with fractions might be a little bit tricky for the students. Lastly, there are number lines with the integers 1 and 2 where students will be shown the drawn number lines and they will be required to locate and identify the points on the lines with integers. With the proper identification of the points, kids will get to understand number lines the more. Number lines are an important topic for mathematics, measurement, and some of the other subjects as well. Hence the teachers must carefully explain the concept and make the students practice these worksheets again and again until they have a grip on the core concept and its uses.

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