Expanded Numbers Up To 50

Expanded Form Of Numbers Game


What is numbers in expanded form? Learn how to write the numbers in expanded form math games for 1st and 2nd grade. Have your kids already learned to count? Is it time for them to move on to learning the concept of expanded to standard form for numbers? Are you looking for something that can help them practice in this matter? Well, look no more, because we are here to cover all your number worries!
Our “Number Up To 50” game can be easily used by kids to practice conversion of numbers from expanded into standard form.

Playing the game

During this game, the players are given questions with multiple options that they must solve correctly to advance further in the game. Questions statements are something like “What number is the same as the following? 4 tens 8 ones”. The player must choose options from “51”, “52”, “48”, and “58”. To choose the correct answer, the player must pop the balloon with the correct option. Popping any other balloon will display the game over message and the player will have to do it all over again.

The game utilizes upbeat graphics with a backdrop of mountains and clouds. This makes it more interesting for the kids and they want to move forward more. Moreover, the game is available for use online without any fee or in-game purchases. Introduce your kid to the game now and see their improvement. If you like this game, please credit this website by linking back to it. Also feel free to check other relevant educational content for your young ones Here.

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