Perimeter Word Problems Game

Perimeter Word Problems Game

Perimeter Word Problems Game What does perimeter mean ? This page deals with perimeter word problems, by helping students on perimeter calculation from words.

What is the Perimeter?

Perimeter in Maths is defined as the total length or distance around the edge of a polygon. A polygon is a 2D (two-dimensional) shape which has edges. Perimeter of a circle is called its circumference.

Calculation of the Perimeter.

To find the perimeter we measure the length of each side of given shape and then add up the taken measurements. We can find the perimeter of any shape if we have a thorough understanding of how perimeters work, To calculate the perimeter of any shape, we add up the length of each of the sides. But for different shapes, there are standard formulas in Maths which ease the process of calculating the perimeter.

Formulas of the Perimeter

The perimeter is represented by P. With shape with same length sides, an “s” is used. (With variations if required) if the shape does not have the same length sides, then two variables are required. The side which is longer is represented by “l” (length) and the shorter side is represented with “w” or width. Sides can also be represented by alphabets like a, b, c, d and so on.

Keeping these abbreviations in mind, following formulas can be used to identify the perimeter of some the following shapes.

  • Parallelogram 2(Base + Height)
  • Rectangle 2(l+w)           
  • Square 4a      
  • Triangle a + b + c
  • Trapezoid a + b + c + d 
  • Rhombus 4 x a  

In word problems with perimeter solving, you will need to learn the formula and learn how to identify various shapes and their sides.

Let’s do a word problem.

A rectangular piece of paper has a perimeter of 2505 meter. If it’s length is 520 meters, find the width.

As mentioned before the opened formula of rectangle is P=2l+2w


2505=1040+2w Thus P=732.5

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