Pre-Kindergarten Math Quizzes

Pre-Kindergarten children will learn how to differenciate objects by their size. Through this online quiz, kids will be asked  to select one among three objects.

Pre-Kindergarten children will strive to understand through this online quiz differences in shapes . They are asked to select the object that is different from other by shape .
Similar shape objects
Children will learn how to compare objects by shapes and color. Through this online quiz, kids will have clear mind on different shapes and to tell the difference.                     
Pre-Kindergarten children will learn through this online quiz how to match letters and numbers that are similar. A line should  link one column to the other.

This online math quiz for Pre-kindergarten kids helps them identify which number is larger than the other. This activity is similar those related to number comparison.

Pre-Kindergarten children will strive to understand differences in numbers, by telling which number is smaller than others. This activity enhances kids’ counting skills.

Pre-Kindergarten children will learn how to compare objects by the quantity. Through this online quiz, kids will be asked  to determine the group that has more objects.

Comparison of shapes in a mixed group math quiz

Pre-kindergarten children are asked to answer by true or false  questions about which objects are more than or fewer than others in a given item group.                   

Count circles within frames math quiz illustration up to 10

Pre-Kindergarten children improve their counting skills here by learning how to count dots on the frames for up to 10 objects. objects could be in various shapes or color like cirlces, squares.etc.

Counting objects and define numbers up to 20 math quiz

Children are required to count items up to 20, and then match boxes that correspond to each counting results. kids who are successful in this quiz have acquired extended math skills.

Quantitative comparison math quiz, are there enough?

This quiz helps children in pre-Kindergarten enhance their counting skills in the sense that they are asked if the amount of on set of objects are enough to match up with the other set.

Pre-Kindergarten children learn more shape and picture counting by taking this quiz. They will be able to count up to 20, which strengthens kids skills

Pre-Kindergarten kids get familiar with various animals they may have seen or heard about in their surrounding. This quiz allows good grasp on animal types

Pre-Kindergarten children will strive to understand differences in numbers, by telling which number is smaller than others. This activity enhances kids’ counting skills                                                                       

Counting pictures from 1 to 10 math quiz

This Quiz simply focuses on learning how to count from one to ten. Pre-Kindergarten kids who take this quiz will be exposed to multiple types of shapes in different colors.

Representing numbers with objects up to 3 math quiz

Animals, Bird, and many other objects are used to represent items that kids will asked to count. This Quiz enhances children counting skills.

Show numbers on frames up to 3 math quiz

This basic math quiz focuses on kids ability to distinguish between the frame and object under counting. Children will be asked to show object in frames.           

Coins addition in US Dollars math games for kids.

This math quiz introduces children to the notion of money. Kids will be asked to tell the amount of money resulting from the addition of coins in US dollars. 

Identifying coins math test on money

Identifying the value of each coin is the main purpose of this Pre-Kindergarten math quiz. Children will need the help from their tutor or parents.

cool math test for kids in pre-kindergarten, Math Tests Online preparation year children. Pre-kindergarten math skills on counting, sorting and classification, telling time, fractions, tracing numbers, shapes, geometry. Children are delicate and sensitive especially when they are asked to leave their moms’ comfort zone and start learning to embrace the world on their own. Many parents prefer admitting their kids to pre-kindergarten while others practice it at home. Math Zone 4 kids understands the concern and hence offers a complete set of pre-kindergarten quizzes to make it easy for the parents and children to learn the basic mathematics at home. As children are highly attracted to colors, every quiz is designed in an appealing way to grab maximum engagement of the students. Let’s have a look at the activities which include Differentiation math games for pre-schoolers. Differentiating objects implies grouping of objects according to the size. shapes and colors. children are therefore required to differentiate the objects by putting all the similar ones in a group and leave all the odd ones out of the group. the next activity is classification, where pre-school kids will be asked to classify the objects based on their shapes, sizes, and colors and pick the odd one out. Further, children will face activities on Identification, which is related to interactive and logical quiz for identifying objects that is suitable for kids in kindergarten and prekindergarten. then comes activities on comparison. this this cool math quiz for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten include comparing two or more small and large numbers as well as objects. Students are required to perform quiz online and give the appropriate answers after comparison.  more activities are related to Counting, which is about counting objects, numbers, and pictures. The attractive visuals make it tempting for the students to attempt the quizzes repeatedly and learn through an enjoyable experience. Let your kids learn to count on their own and enjoy the process like never before.After this, here comes the addition math quiz for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten, which introduces the concept of addition, there is an addition fun game of adding coins. It is just to prepare the kids for their schools and hence is super easy to perform. The best part is, these quizzes are absolutely free and are available for unlimited attempts anytime, on mobile, laptop, tablets, and personal computers. miscellaneous activities are then presented by the end of this page, including other fun math quizzes for pre-kindergarten students, kids may encounter activities such as puzzle-math games of matching numbers, counting the displayed pictures, and clicking on the correct answers. Identifying dots on the frame, color recognition, etc. every activity is designed in a way where kids find it appealing and engaging rather than boring or burdensome. The feedback after every submission is a boost for the children to score higher and accurate. Math Zone 4 kids understand the need of the hour as kids these days are super addicted to the gadgets and it is slowly but eventually becoming uncontrollable, let the screen time of your kids be the best productive time of their day. With the extremely attractive and education pre-kindergarten fun quiz activities offered by Math Zone 4 Kids, prepare your kids for a big challenge, their school lives under your warmth, at home in a comfortable environment, and let them enjoy a little more before school and studies take over their memorable childhood. Math Zone 4 kids highly recommend rewarding the children after every attempted quiz to make them even more interested in studies.

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