Soccer Math On Shapes 1st Grade

Soccer Math On Shapes 1st Grade

Soccer Math On Shapes 1st Grade | This math game on shapes is similar to shapes 1st grade worksheets, where grade 1 kids will learn and practice various shapes. Shape games for early years, 2d shapes, shape games for kindergarten. Discover this well designed game on shapes for year one children, where they can practice 2d and 3d shapes.
Is it time to teach your kid to recognize shapes? Is your kid having trouble keeping all the shapes in his mind? What if we told you, you could teach your kid about all the shapes simply by letting them play a game? That’s right! With our Naming Shapes with Sides game, your child will learn to recognize all the shapes and have fun. We have combined our game with the goal-scoring features of soccer so that your kids can enjoy their learning experience. With a goal score for every correct answer that the player has to choose from four possible options, the kids will have all the shapes down in no time. The questions are like, what is shape is this? The shapes is displayed under the question. And students have to choose between options like triangle, circle, square, and rectangle.
Facilitate your child’s learning experience by introducing this game into their study routine and be amazed by the results!

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