Subtraction Soccer Game 1st Grade

Subtraction Soccer Game For Grade 1

Subtraction Soccer Game 1st Grade | This game is similar to subtraction grade 1 worksheets, where 1st graders will learn how subtract numbers from others. Free first grade games, try our new first grade math games for classroom, this game could also be applied to subtraction math games for kindergarten.
Is your child having trouble solving his subtraction problems? Are you struggling to find a way to make his lessons more entertaining? Well, we have some good news for you!
Our new Subtraction Soccer Game is perfect for teaching your kid basic subtraction techniques. Kids tend to be excitable, solving difficult math questions can be boring for them on paper. We have come up with a unique solution to your problem. Our soccer-themed subtraction game allows kids to practice subtraction problems while having fun. Players have to choose the correct answer from multiple options to proceed to the next question for as long as they feel the need. The questions can be like, 8-5=? With options being 6, 3, 10, and 9.
Introduce the Subtraction Soccer Game in your class or home now, and watch your kid have fun while learning to perform basic subtraction

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