Subtraction Math Worksheets pdf printable

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Subtraction is one of the most important and basic topics of mathematics as well as practical life. It is impossible to thrive through practical life without having the command of basic arithmetic operations. Math Zone 4 kids have gathered the best worksheets for the kids to boost their memory of learning subtraction. Most parents start teaching their kids the concept of subtraction through their daily life implementations i.e. giving them several items (candies, toys, etc.) and taking some of them to make the kids learn what has left. Keeping a similar concept in mind, some worksheets are designed to help your kid learn in an engaging environment so lets’ have a look.

Worksheets On Basic Subtraction.

First things first you will see the worksheet on basic subtraction exercise. Starting with the easiest questions, this worksheet helps students understand the concept of taking out or subtracting the smaller number from the larger one. Another worksheet having a similar concept involves the subtraction of single-digit numbers i.e. removing the smaller numbers given below from the larger numbers on top. Once they get a grip on fluent basic subtraction methods, they can proceed with a fun activity of solving a triangle of numbers. Students are required to select two numbers from the given triangle and perform addition/subtraction as per the requirements of the question to get the third number. Similar to the exercises in the previous worksheets, students will also be able to solve the subtraction input-output tables. As by now, they must already be familiar with the concept of solving these tables i.e. filling the output columns with correct numbers using the input tables. They are required to perform subtraction this time.

Teachers are advised to help the little folks for a better understanding. The more you practice, the more you become proficient in any exercise. Hence, in order to make understanding subtraction easier, you will find the subtraction match up exercise worksheet. Here students are required to perform subtraction in one column and match the answer from the numbers given in the other column. Then comes the exercise of subtracting three-digit numbers which are quite similar to the subtraction of the single-digit numbers. The only difference is that this time it is a three-digit number having the numbers above larger than or equal to the numbers below. It is quite a simple concept that will help in solving the next worksheet based on the subtraction of three-digit numbers with regrouping.

Here the numbers above may be smaller than the numbers below which means students must be introduced to the concept of borrowing in subtraction. Then comes the section where students will have to implement the real-life scenarios and perform subtraction. The teachers are required to explain the problems and let them understand the situation before performing calculations so as to make them proficient with the concept of real-life subtraction scenarios.

Mental Math Addition And Subtraction Strategies

Mental math is a valuable skill that not only improves your computational abilities but also boosts your confidence in handling numbers effortlessly. In this page, you will print out worksheets that will help you explore various mental math strategies for addition and subtraction that will empower you to perform calculations quickly and accurately in your head.

How To Conduct Subtraction Strategies

  • Start with the smaller number and count up to the larger number.
  • For example, when subtracting 29 from 53, start at 29 and count up to 53: 30, 31, 32, …, 53.
  • Counting the steps will give you the answer: 53 – 29 = 24.
  • Sometimes, it’s easier to turn a subtraction problem into an addition problem.
  • For instance, when subtracting 68 from 95, you can think of it as 95 – 68 = 95 + (-68).
  • Now, add 95 and -68 together: 95 + (-68) = 27.

Borrowing (Regrouping):

  • For more complex subtractions, you can use the borrowing method.
  • When subtracting 746 from 981, start with the rightmost digits: 1 – 6.
  • Since 1 is smaller than 6, borrow 1 from the tens place, making it 11 – 6.
  • Now, subtract 6 from 11 (tens place), which equals 5, and subtract 4 from 7 (ones place), which equals 3.
  • Combine the results: 981 – 746 = 235.

As such, mental math requires practice and patience. The more you practice these strategies, the more confident and efficient you will become in performing mental addition and subtraction. Start with simple problems and gradually work your way up to more complex calculations. With dedication and regular practice, you’ll find yourself mastering mental math and impressing others with your quick calculation skills.




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