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This section introduces young children in Pre-school or nursery school to basic math concepts such as counting up to three, pictorial counting, recognizing shapes in a picture, recognizing object’s colour and position, classifying objects according to sizes and shapes, identifying money bills and coins, number tracing worksheets and much more.

1st Grade

In this grade, kids will review some skills learned earlier, but in a more elaborated math activities. This section will introduce activities such as measurement, reading data on a graph, year one kids will face mixed operations math activities such as addition, addition word problems coupled with subtraction, number line math activities and much more.

2nd Grade

In this grade, students in year two will be reviewing math skills by exploring our second grade math quizzes, coupled with free printable worksheets for grade two, worksheets are presented in PDF format and all questions are followed by an answer key page. Math math topics such as Subtracting from two digits numbers are disclosed here

3rd Grade

This is where the learner’s experience will be taken up to the next level. Most skills acquired at the previous levels will strengthened. Year three students will face Division math problems both in the form of math quizzes and Division worksheets for year three. Activities on geometry, measurements,  subtraction of two and three digits numbers i here.

4th Grade

Relevant online games are presented in this year four math section, where children will encounter many math activities on Algebra one and Algebra two, geometry will be taken to the next level by introducing shapes angle calculation, numbers rounding up to the nearest hundred or thousand, and estimation calculation worksheets  for children in year 4.

5th Grade

Math skills at this level integrates most of the skills acquired in the previous grades, with more emphasis placed on geometric activities such as perimeter, surface, radius and angle calculation. Free printable worksheets for year five students will also be found as well as relevant free math quizzes to bring more fun into the learning process.

6th Grade

This is a more advanced level, where math activities become a bit more complicated. However, this grade features activities on geometry, Algebra, measurements and measurement units, year six children will face more challenging math problems. Math quizzes on  finding the greatest common factor, numbers exponents are relevant math topics in this section.


Pre-Kindergarten is the starting point of the every child study journey, at this age, children will  tend to need more colourful surrounding in order to capture their attention. the reason this section of the website will embody a lot of colourful activities such as pre-kindergarten worksheets with pre-k math activities such as counting fruits, telling the figures’s colour.

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