Zombie Math is a cool math game that allows children from grade one, grade two, grade three, grade four, grade five and grade six children to practice a great deal of math activities, while having fun and enjoying playing the math related games. Children in year one, year two, year three, year four, year five and year six can also enjoy this extremely well designed math games to acquire new skills, or to sharpen acquired ones. zombie math offers skills in various math activities ranging from simple Addition and Subtraction, through Multiplication and Division. Activities such as numbers pattern, that is finding the missing number to complete the number pattern are included in this game. As well as mixed operation activities which includes all previously mentioned math operations. This math games for kids, also considered to be math game platform for toddlers, is about a math zombie walking around to collect numbers that allow him to feed himself, trying to avoid being eaten by a predator chasing him. In fact, when a math question pops up at the top of the game panel for example 5+5 = ? player is required to make use of the mouse on a computer, or to use a finger on a tablet or mobile phone to guide the zombie towards the right answer that shows up on the screen. The more right answers are provided, the longer the zombie will survive, and the more points will be collected which in turn will increase the overall game score. While playing, incentives are provided to help the zombie move faster in order to run away from the predator. Red hearts are also provided to helps the zombie stay alive as right answers to the math questions are provided. the Game is over as soon as the zombie get caught by the predator with no survival heart available, or when wrong answers are provided without any available heart to sustain the zombie’s life. Zombie game is an excellent game for teaching math skills to students from grade first to grade sixth in a fun and cool way. Children in year one, year two, year three, year four, year five, and year six can also play this game to learn new math skills or polish the already-acquired ones. Math activities ranging from simple addition, subtraction to multiplication, and division, all is featured in the Zombie game. Number pattern activities like finding the missing number from the pattern for completing the pattern are also featured in this game. Mixed operation math activities that include all the previously mentioned math operations are included in the game. This math game for toddlers and kids, considered an excellent platform for mathematical activities, is about the adventures of a zombie that runs in search of a number, eats it to stay alive from getting eaten by a predator. When the question like 4+4=? Pops on the screen, the kids or toddlers are required to trace their fingers on the screen or move the mouse in a direction that will guide the zombie to the right answer to the math question. By answering correctly, the zombie’s survival time will increase, which will result in an increase in the final game score. In the game, incentives are provided that help the zombie run faster and eventually move away from the predator. Answering correctly to a math question will give you a red heart that will help the zombie survive. When the zombie runs out of available red hearts or a wrong answer to a math question is given, the game is over, and the zombie dies. This game is most suitable for kids from grade one to grade six or for children from year one to year six. The game offers different levels from level one to level to six. Each level offers different math activities like addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, number patterns and mixed equations. These topics help the younger ones who need to learn more about the basic math activities and operations. After entering the game, you will see a pop-up with three buttons: start, how to play, and exit. By clicking over the ‘play’ button, you will see different options from level one to level six. Consider your child’s grade as the level which you have to choose. Then you will see a list of different math activities to choose from. Select the math operation that you want to practice. The game starts, and a relevant question will pop up at the top of the screen. You need to move the zombie toward the right answer. Another question will appear as soon as you hit the correct answer to a given question. As you answer more questions correctly, the difficulty level will increase, and you will start experiencing more difficult questions until you reach the last level and win the game. This game is recommended for the younger ones who need about basic learning skills in a more fun way. This game helps the kids engage in math activities at a very age. It is a great game for the kids to learn math skills as most of the learning activities now take place on digital devices. Zombie math game is a great game to learn entertainingly and enjoyably

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